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January 4th, 2013 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 5 Responses

I wish I had never heard of the Tea Party. Ever since this organization was started, the country has seen nothing but trouble! The obstructionist behavior of Congressional Tea Party members has been detrimental to all citizens, businesses, and state governments. Many of your members have engaged in racist and xenophobic rhetoric which has only served to inflame the public and certainly does nothing to solve problems. And now, to see the market ONCE AGAIN tank because of right wing absolutist policy stances, makes me furious. I will do everything in my power to reelect Democrats as long as I am still a citizen of the USA!

Kathy Reackhoff

  1. Janet Pollard says:

    I have listened over the past several weeks at what and how the media has been covering/is covering the shut down. Americans acting like bullies, calling names like suicide bombers, communist, domestic abusers, racial and or sexual orientation slurs and too many more to be listed. Every day I talk to children about calling names and every time the news comes on the “role models” in Washington seem to be doing just that. I have found from my experience that when a person feels threatened because they can’t support their reasons for doing something with valid and factual reasons will normally resort to belittling a person in an effort to shift the attention off of their inability justify their cause. I am a staunch conservative. I have a brother that is gay and I love him and his mate. My best friend from HS is lesbian and I feel the same about her and her mate. The children that they have are well loved and cared for. They don’t try to push sexuality on the kids all of them are straight and loved. They both know that I believe in what the Bible says about same sex relationships. I chose to love! Having said that I believe first and foremost its not my place to judge. Their faith, spiritual, and eternal lives are between them and God.

    EIB network has a short spot every morning that we listen to on the way to school called “Constitutional Moments” from a college that doesn’t accept funding so that they don’t have to teach an approved curriculum no matter what party has the house. The constitution Says that all people have equal chances to improve their lot in life within their natural gifts initiative and abilities. It doesn’t promise every body the same dream. We are equal when it comes to the ability to pursue it….not guaranteed to achieve the same as everybody else…

    I am sorry for all the Americans that suffered through times in our history that were abominably treated. i.e. Slavery, inequality race or sex, religion or creed. Those times are over, if you are slighted do something about it but don’t think every white person is bad because of race, or that every man is a chauvinistic pig or every black person is a “thug”. I have been on the receiving end of prejudice and sexual harassment. I did something about it, I am not a victim and neither are you if you don’t want to be! Don’t trust what you hear on the TV, read in printed media, or hear at a rally… Research all views then make a decision.

    Being a conservative and Tea Part member doesn’t mean narrow minded, racist, xenophobic, etc.. It means that:
    I want a balanced budget in government like I have to in my home,
    I want you to be free to stand up for what you believe even if I find it offensive or morally bankrupt,
    I want for EVERY American to be held responsible for their actions,
    I want American companies to be rewarded for bring production of products back to the states,
    I don’t want China holding so much debt from America,
    Veterans, senior citizens, disabled, and those that have paid their way and now need us to make good on the promise we made when they served us will never doubt our countries love and respect for them!
    Our media should never be encouraged to be biased one way or another by the White House. They should just report what is going on and allow the public to make the decisions after that.
    Well I have said all and more than I intended. Call me names if you want, I’ll never call you names. You have a constitutional right to believe as you do. I respect that. It will not offend me. I will understand where it comes from and hopefully that atmosphere will one day no longer be acceptable. That respect for your ideological adversary will equal or surpass the respect for ones self.

  2. Troll says:

    Way to vent to a person that is not going to respond. It’s like kicking a dead man.
    As far as i’m concerned the tea party is just a bunch of rich republicans leading a bunch of dumb illiterate religious rednecks. Perhaps democrats are being led by a president from another country and are sucking up resources but guess what? no matter who is running this country they are going waste all of our money on stupid b.s.
    50 million people on welfare well that is a problem but please check your facts first.
    4.4 million are on welfare the rest is medicare and food stamps.
    If there was a higher minimum wage so many people would not be on food stamps, if so many republicans were not anti birth control there would not be so many people on welfare and if all of our jobs were not shipped to china maybe we would have decent health insurance.
    I can see points on both sides but i do not agree with either one, everyone wants to secede, or banish another to hell or whatnot. Hardly united if you ask me, so get ready for the fall.
    One way or another.

  3. Chris says:


    You need to be a bit more specific. Regardless of what a large organization is or does, you’ll always have a few knuckleheads out there with inappropriate rhetoric. There are examples everywhere…Van Jones is a good example for the left. The guy is a racist and an admitted communist. Keep on electing all of the Democrats you want to, but store food, buy a gun, and be prepared to protect yourself and your family, because one day it will all come crashing down if reasonable people don’t get a handle on this mess. It’s simple math. If it weren’t for the Tea Party’s efforts in getting some fiscally responsible people in there to slow down the madness, we might have already gone over the edge. Here’s an example for you: there are almost 50 million people on food stamps now. 50 MILLION. When I buy food like I did yesterday, i watch the person in front of me and behind both use an EBT card funded by my tax dollars. How long do you think we can last like that? Yep, go ahead and vote for those Dems, but my advice to you is to prepare yourself for the result. Those right wing absolutist policies are developed by people with both spine and brains. So get furious, but get furious at those like you who allowed this whole situation to get this bad to where we have few options left other than absolutist harsh policies, or total collapse.


  4. self reliant hispanic business owner says:

    Nice try. I hope you like your job as a liberal meat head working for Media Matters. Your attempts to discredit American Citizens, members of the Tea Party, is laughable and simply reflects your lack of vision. All blind followers need to seek shelter with the liberal left. You must be confused. You are supposed to writing this on the web site for the Occupy Cook Street. Your post belongs with the foolish, dazed and confused who are a danger to those of us that deserve and wish to conserve our freedoms. Your people are typically misguided and under-informed.

    The Tea Party is doing its job!!! They are suppose to obstruct higher taxes and out of control spending. They are doing their job as elected officials who are blocking the Obama train to tyranny and they deserve to be applauded and elected in great numbers!!! I cheer them and I boo you!!!!

    The Tea Party is simply a vast and growing sea of average American Citizens who do not want any more of their freedoms take away. These are law abiding citizens that are also tired of being taxed to death.

    If you want to pay higher taxes and have your body controlled by Tyrants of the likes of Obama, then you should fall in line with the communist and socialist parties that follow in his lock step.

    Media Matters will probably begin to run out of funding as the time passes since the re-election of the present Obama regime. As discontent and revolutionary energy gathers in the coming months, the power of the tyrant that has been foisted upon us will topple over because, tell you what. We are NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!!!!

    Your post is simple a sign of your lack of mental fortitude. If you want to post your dribble on a web site representing a group that has caused problems for the people of the United States, you should got to or, where you can post your misguided rants.

    I hope more members of the Tea Party are elected to Congress because they are the only hope of this country to save itself from the oblivion of a totalitarianism and bankruptcy. The United States has become a third world country because it elected and RE-elected a president that was NOT born in this country and the opposition party, known as the spineless Establishment Republicans, do not have the courage to challenge this president. They are cowed by him and they are an embarrassment. The Tea Party is the only hope that more of the American Citizens that want their freedom, will gain control of the seats in the House and the Senate to obstruct this President as well as the liberal left until they become the majority and reverse all of this massive usurping of freedom from the American People!!!

    Wake up Kathy!!! You are asleep at the wheel!!!

  5. Earl Ray Baker says:

    The TEA Party…the one organization that Americans can be proud of! Someone has to hold Washington accountable. Thanks to all of you for taking a stand to uphold the Constitution of the United States. The TEA Party is for the people.