WS Journal Endorses Folwell for Lieutenant Governor, more

April 16th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

Five candidates are seeking the Republican nomination, among them Forsyth’s Rep. Dale Folwell. The Journal has long admired Folwell’s practical legislative service. For most of his career, he has eschewed flamboyant issues, choosing instead to seek helpful ways of improving state government and services. His ideas range from a later start date for kindergarteners to programs to increase organ donations.

Maybe to curry favor with his party’s right wing, Folwell moved into social issues this term, and that was disturbing. Should he win his party’s nomination for lieutenant governor, we trust he will tack back to the middle. The Journal endorses Dale Folwell for the GOP’s second spot.

Three Republicans are seeking their party’s nomination to challenge Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, a Democrat who is running uncontested in his primary. Former state Rep. Richard Morgan, the House co-speaker for two tumultuous years, was an effective legislator who led with moderately conservative stands. Morgan’s wide range of government experience would make him a viable challenger to Goodwin. The Journal endorses him for his party’s nod.

Four Republicans seek their party’s nomination to challenge Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, a Democrat who is running uncontested in her primary. Kenneth Gardner, a former Wake County commissioners’ chairman, had a strong record in the capital county. A conservative with good business sense, Gardner knew how to work across party and ideological lines to help his community. The Journal endorses Gardner for the GOP nomination.

Five Republicans seek to challenge Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson, who has no challengers in the Democratic primary. Ray Martin, a Garner middle- and high-school teacher for the past 24 years who is a retired U.S. Navy veteran with almost 20 years of service, is a strong believer in public education who would well represent his party’s conservative leanings to improve, not destroy, public schools.


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