Charlton L. Allen for NC House, District 95

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  1. Economy and Jobs
    The key to job growth is creating a business climate that encourages, rather than penalizes, entrepreneurship. Our state government has done a woeful job in this area through the years. We have the highest overall tax burden in the Southeast and a heavy regulatory burden. With strong leadership in the General Assembly and a Republican governor, we can create an environment that makes North Carolina a business-friendly state, and allows the private sector to create the jobs we will need for the present and the future.

    Local Schools should mean local control
    Charlton will be an enthusiastic advocate for our local schools to make sure they have the tools possible in this tough budgetary environment.

    Charlton believes in local control for our local schools. Raleigh bureaucrats shouldn’t be dictating how to run our local schools. That should be left to the duly elected school boards, school principals and teachers, parents and taxpayers.

    Charlton will oppose any state-mandated consolidation of our school systems. Recent studies indicate little if any cost savings when consolidating larger districts such as our two school districts. We have two outstanding school systems in Iredell County. Our neighbor to the south, Mecklenburg County, has a consolidated system which is a train wreck with very little accountability to parents and taxpayers. Our school systems work. They will have Charlton’s strong support.

    It is beyond absurd that our General Assembly dictates the date school starts and other calendar issues. These decisions should be left to local school boards, who can then answer to the parents they serve.

    Crime Prevention and Control
    Charlton opposes elimination of our local district attorney and opposes elimination of elected judges. Fewer district attorneys and fewer judges will benefit criminals and harm victims. The recombination of judicial districts will make this aspect of government less accountable and less effective. Charlton opposes any creation of additional state agencies such as Public Defender offices to provide indigent criminal defense. This is a role that Charlton believes is better performed by the private sector. Further, public defender offices result in an unfunded mandate to our counties who must provide resources equivalent to that provided to the district attorney’s office.

    Gas Tax
    The gas tax in North Carolina needs to be capped and lowered to at least the regional average. It is unconscionable that North Carolina has the highest gas tax in the Southeast and one of the highest in the nation. This punishes our citizens and harms our economy. A good example of the economic damage perpetrated by a high gas tax is how it impacts our ability to attract industry that relies on taxed fuels for transportation of goods. In fact, the diesel fuel tax component in North Carolina is the highest in the nation. It is about 2.5 the diesel tax in South Carolina. It’s time to end the state government’s dependence on rising gas prices.

    Corporate Tax
    Our corporate income tax is choking job creation in this state. Charlton supports a rollback of the corporate tax rate, with state tax credits for businesses that create new jobs and expand payroll. The corporate tax is in effect a hidden tax. Corporations pass their tax costs to their consumers and/or shareholders through higher prices and reduced dividends. This results in less money that can be invested in job creation.

    Personal Income Tax
    Our individual income tax rate is ridiculously high. Government has lived beyond its means in North Carolina, and a symptom of that is the marginal tax rate. It has been said that taxes are the price we pay for government. However, our marginal tax rate is the highest in the Southeast, and one of the highest in the nation. Does anyone seriously believe our return on the “price we pay for government” justifies this ranking? Further, our state and local sales tax rate was 8th highest in the nation for states that have both an income and sales tax before the expiration of the temporary sales tax. Of course, this is the same sales tax that many Democrats wish to make permanent. Our citizens are over-taxed and need immediate relief. Charlton supports efforts to reduce our tax rates to the regional average and provide tax relief to taxpayers. Charlton also supports giving North Carolina families enhanced state tax credit for all health care and educational expenses, especially when such expenses are treated inequitably by our federal tax code.

    Ethics Reform
    Charlton supports a crackdown on “pay to play” politics in North Carolina, and consequently supports comprehensive ethics and lobbyist reform. There is something wrong with our system when we see the shenanigans of politicians such as former House Speaker Jim Black and former Governor Mike Easley.

    Charlton supports efforts to create more transparency in state government as “sunlight is the best disinfectant.” We should expand on the local government model created by Wake County to our state government.

    Regulatory Reform
    Charlton believes regulatory reform is a crucial component in creating new jobs in this state. There should be a cost vs. benefit analysis for every new regulation and state regulations should never exceed federal standards unless specifically authorized by the legislature. Our Republican legislature has begun the process of addressing this, and it will be critically important this next legislative session to continue this work.

    Voter ID
    Charlton believes that the right to vote is something that belongs to every law-abiding citizen. The only way fair and free elections can be preserved is verification of the right of each citizen to vote by presenting identification at the poll site. One must present identification to perform the most routine tasks, so why when one performs the most important task in a Republic? Those who say voter fraud doesn’t happen haven’t been paying attention. We have seen serious allegations here in Iredell County.

    Charlton is the only candidate for NC House District 95 who has been fighting to protect free and fair elections in Iredell County and elsewhere in this state over the critical last several election cycles. Charlton trained grassroots conservatives who served as poll observers and precinct judges here in Iredell County in the 2008 and 2010 elections. He has served as the designated attorney on behalf of the Republican Party and its candidates in case of any Election Day controversy in several judicial districts in this state.

    Roads and Transportation
    Our roads and transportation infrastructure have suffered greatly in Iredell County for decades, despite recent improvements. Charlton will fight to reform the Department of Transportation and will oppose efforts to transfer tax dollars from the Highway Fund to the General Fund. Since 1990, the General Assembly has diverted billions of dollars from the Highway Fund. This has led to dismal road and bridge conditions. Our highway system is declining and our urban congestion is getting worse, which has a spillover effect in southern Iredell County. Our transportation funding should reflect how consumers actually travel, and not based on planners’ efforts to reshape cities using transit. Charlton will fight for full funding for our roads, including the I-77 and NC-150 corridors.

    Charlton opposes the proposed Red Line light rail project. As currently proposed, this mass transit plan is ill-conceived and doesn’t have the support of the necessary stakeholders in Iredell County, including our County Commissioners and the railroad itself that owns the right of way. Moreover, these are tight budgetary times. Our state needs to focus on its core constitutional roles, including public education and the roads actually used by our citizens.

    Maintaining our Conservative Majority
    Charlton pledges he will support the Republican caucus elected nominees for all positions in the North Carolina House, including Speaker of the House.

    It’s time to say No to Career Politicians and return to a Citizen Legislature.
    Charlton will not be a career politician. Serving in the General Assembly is an honor, not a career. Charlton pledges to serve no more than four terms of two years each if elected. We have seen too many members of the General Assembly serve too long, leave office, and spend the rest of their lives trying to get back to Raleigh. Is it any wonder our system of governance is broken? We need more political leaders who are willing to follow the example of Charlton’s distant cousin George Washington, and also incumbent Representative Grey Mills: Go, do your duty, and come home and live under the laws you pass. Charlton will do likewise.

    Energy Policy
    Charlton supports an increase in responsible natural gas exploration in North Carolina. Recent studies indicate there is a treasure trove of untapped natural gas in this state, enough to provide for our needs for decades. Archaic state laws that do not take into account 21st century sustainable exploration methods should be amended. We should do everything we can to promote responsible energy production and exploration in North Carolina.

    Charlton is a pro-life conservative.

    Right to Bear Arms
    A member of the National Rifle Association, Charlton supports the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

    Size and Scope of Government
    Charlton believes the federal and state constitutions are the lens through which all bills must be read. Charlton believes our government has grown beyond the scope of our constitution, and is fat, wasteful and inefficient. Moreover, the unchecked growth by government no longer has the consent of the governed.

    Charlton opposes unfunded mandates imposed upon our counties and local government boards by the state.