90-Year-Old Doc Running For NC Governor

February 29th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

A 90-year-old Harnett County man said he’s running North Carolina governor on a platform of creating a state foundation that would allow North Carolina government to reduce or possibly eliminate taxes over time. Physician Bruce Blackmon filed Tuesday at the State Board of Elections to become a candidate in the Democratic primary.

Anyone else scratching their heads over this one?
  1. Not really confusing that there are Dems who want to reduce taxes. There’s still a good number of moderate to conservative Dems in the state.

    What is confusing is how he’s going to do it. Set aside money for a foundation? Really? Sounds like he’s wanting to create something like an endowment that is invested and then (hopefully) pays out more over time. Seems like you’d have to raise taxes a whole LOT more to begin with.

    Don’t expect him to get much anywhere in primary.