Senator Burr and Agenda 21

September 16th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

A TEA Party activist from the Crystal Coast TEA Party Patriots group emailed Senator Burr’s office and inquired where he stood on Agenda 21. Someone from his office called back, and the reply was that Senator Burr felt that there were more important issues to be concerned about, than Agenda 21. For the life of us, Senator Burr, we cannot imagine what is more important than keeping in tact the ability to have:

  • Private Property ownership
  • Single-Family homes
  • Private car ownership and individual travel choices
  • Privately owned farms

Are YOU familiar with Agenda 21? Join activist Darin in his group: Fighting Agenda 21 in NC. Maybe Senator Burr needs to take a day and catch up with the rest of us on this issue. A good place to start would be here.

The country underestimated Obama when there were concerns in the 2008 election about his socialist tendencies. Lets not underestimate the liberal left anymore, shall we?

  1. Robert L youngblood says:

    Agenda 21 is pure poison, it is up there with a constitutional convention. In both cases, a hand full of people will dictate to us all!