Walter Jones (NC3) Thanks Speaker Boehner For His Dedication To Our Troops

February 17th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

Today U.S. Congressman Walter B. Jones (NC-3) applauded Speaker of the House John Boehner for his decision to continue holding a moment of silence on the first legislative day of each month for the troops and their families.  The moment of silence has been observed in the House since Jones first proposed the idea in 2008, and it was observed today for the first time in the 112th Congress.

“I want to thank Speaker Boehner for his dedication to our troops and their families by continuing to observe the monthly moment of silence,” said Jones.  “As this war continues, it is important to continue to honor those who gave their lives for this country, their families and those men and women still fighting today.”

“This moment of silence will serve as a solemn thank you from a grateful nation.”

Washington, Feb 17