Foxx Cracks Down On Abusive Political Robo-Calls

January 29th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

If there was one complaint I had when visiting people in my get out the vote efforts in this past election cycle, it was “Yes, I know there’s an election. [Candidate #1] called me last night. [Candidate #2] called me the day before. [Group X] has called me twice already. How do these people get my number?!“. I saw a number of complaints on Facebook, even! My father got great amusement at these callers expense, especially the Democrat Voter Identification Survey he took when he informed them that he was voting a straight Republican ticket for the first time in his life (he’s a registered Democrat who has voted Republican in most elections for over 30 years). Not everyone was amused as my dad, though.

Thanks to Representative Virginia Foxx, next election cycle citizens might not have to deal with being bombarded by calls from candidates and groups. Issued on her website is the following press release:

bill to allow citizens to opt-out of political robo-calls

WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Virginia Foxx today announced that she introduced legislation to crack down on abusive political robo-calls. Her bill, the Robo Calls Off Phones Act (H.R. 116), allows anyone who signs up for the federal government’s existing “Do Not Call” list to opt out of political robo-calls. Currently, political robo-calls are exempt from compliance with the federal “Do Not Call” list. Foxx does not do political robo-calls.

“Every campaign season, like clockwork, voters are bombarded with an endless stream of political robo-calls,” Foxx said. “There is little voters can do to stop this invasion of their homes, which often happens during dinner time or even late at night. My bill fixes this problem by allowing anyone to opt out of these calls by simply signing up for the federal government’s ‘Do Not Call’ list.”

Under Foxx’s legislation anyone who wishes do opt out political robo-calls need only sign up for the federal “Do Not Call” list, which currently applies to most telemarketing. Political robo-calls are exempt from the “Do Not Call” list and this bill closes that loophole.

“Americans hate it when politicians make special rules for themselves, and political robo-calls are a perfect example, Foxx said. “Citizens should be allowed to stop automated political calls from coming to them just as they can stop telemarketing calls. Closing this loophole is a matter of fairness and will help bring a much needed dose of peace and quiet to North Carolina homes during campaign season.”

Anyone who wishes to continue to receive automated political calls will still be able to receive them. Foxx’s legislation strictly applies to unsolicited, political robo-calls where a live person is not available to speak with the individual answering the phone.


Did you get bombarded with phone calls this past election cycle?

— Wendy
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