An Open Letter To The Westboro Baptist Church

January 12th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

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Dear Fred, Margie, Shirley, and other members of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas:

My name is Andie Redwine. I have written to you on a number of occasions, respectfully asking that you reconsider your world-famous demonstrations at the funerals of fallen soldiers and public officials.

I sent another letter to you and your church on Sunday evening regarding your plan to demonstrate at the funeral of nine-year-old Christina Green. As you know, Christina was shot by Jared Lee Loughner in an act of domestic terror towards Representative Gabrielle “Gabby” Giffords in Tucson, Arizona. Many were injured, and Christina is numbered among those deceased.

Since you read the Bible and claim it as your final authority, I’m acting in accordance withMatthew 18:15-17, though I will admit that it is difficult in any vein to think of you as a brother. But the Jesus I follow also asks me to pray for my enemies (Luke 6:27) and to do good to those who oppose me.

In any event, know that I pray for you.

Since you haven’t responded, I’m taking the substance of my letters to a larger audience per the passage’s instructions. Rest assured, we will publish your response to give you equal opportunity.

It might interest our readers to know that the Westboro Baptist Church is not affiliated with any known Baptist affiliations or conventions. Some people confuse this fact…it’s probably in the name.

I read your statement about the Tucson massacre carefully. You are convinced that God is punishing the United States of America as an avenger interested in rage and bloodlust. You believe that God sent Jared Loughner to avenge your perceived inability to demonstrate or “watch” on street corners. You explain that the blood of these folks is on our hands.

You state: “That child (Christina) is better off dead, so the cup of her inquity will not overflow.”

I’d like to take a moment to point out what you have accomplished in your ministry.

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