A Celebration of Charter Schools and School Choice

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Meet your Legislators face to face at Americans for Prosperity’s “Celebration of School Choice and Freedom” reception and a viewing of The Cartel on Thursday, January 27th during  National School Choice Week (January 23 – 29).  Let them know you support increasing the number of public charter schools and other school choice options available to parents.At the 6 pm reception, you will have a chance to discuss school choice with your legislators.  At 7 pm, the movie viewing will begin.  “The Cartel” is an award-winning documentary about corruption in public education and the promise of school choice.


All of the Members of the State House and Senate will be invited.  Call your State House and Senate representatives and encourage them to meet you at the reception and movie viewing.

A Celebration of Charter Schools and School Choice
The Cartel, a movie viewing
Thursday, Jan 27
6:00 PM Cocktail Reception (cash bar)
7:00 p.m. The Cartel Viewing
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
11 West Jones Street
Raleigh, NC


This event is hosted by Americans for Prosperity. From Dallas Woodhouse:

This event is free but please help us plan for the event by registering HERE!

Be a part of the revolution to restore America’s exceptionalism!  Thousands are gathering together for viewing parties all across the nation during school choice week to shine a spotlight on effective education options for every child.

The Education Revolution is not a partisan issue. It’s an American issue –and our future depends on it! Please join us and register today!