Introducing The Conservative Shepherd

November 4th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

Those involved with The Conservative Shepherd are concerned citizen patriots from all walks of life who are frustrated and troubled by the damage inflicted on our country by corrupt and unaccountable politicians at the local, state and national level. We are not content to simply complain about this situation; rather, we endeavor to get involved and actually do something about it!

Do you often feel that your voice is not heard, that politicians could care less what you think and that they are seemingly insulated from “we, the people” to pursue policies and agendas at odds with our Conservative values and our nation’s cultural heritage? There is a reason behind such a disconnect: politicians take advantage of the lack of information concerning their actions by the local news media.

Forsyth County North Carolina voters are deprived of vital information concerning the machinations of these politicians and local government entities by a biased news media more concerned with pursuing a political agenda than informing its audience.  There is no “watch dog” to hold government accountable. In this current environment, citizens cannot make informed decisions concerning the operation and direction of their local government, school boards and other community organizations.

The Conservative Shepherd will endeavor to change this environment now by attending local area meetings and impartially report that which the local news media refuses to report! There are no agendas to serve or axes to grind on this Web site, and we will never insult our audience by telling them what to think! We will present the facts so you can make informed decision about issues affecting your community. This is our promise and our pledge to you — to become a community resource of information so you can “get involved and stay involved.”

We appreciate your consideration and welcome your comments and suggestions. Keep the faith and stay connected! We are located in Forsyth County North Carolina.