Exploiting fear through racism

November 11th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 2 Responses

The attempt by the Rev. William J. Barber II, the president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP, and the NAACP to label certain members of the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school board as segregationists was beyond outrageous (“Tabor upset with NAACP over flier,” Oct. 30). And apparently, there are several things Barber doesn’t know about the segregation era. The first is segregation itself.

During that time, the government selected schools for black people and black families had to send their children to those schools whether they liked it or not. Today, black families in Forsyth County can send their kids to any public school in the county. Does that sound like segregation to anyone with common sense? Clearly, Barber tried to exploit the fear of racism that many within the black community have for political gain on Election Day.

And to have a photo of school-board member Jeannie Metcalf next to former Alabama Gov. George Wallace, a true die-hard segregationist, on their flyer was absolutely absurd. The people of this community have known their school-board members for years. To say they have anything in common with Wallace is an absolute lie.

Which brings me to one last thing about Barber’s ignorance about the segregation era: Everyone Barber compared to George Wallace is a Republican. But Wallace, one of the most ruthless, cold-blooded and heartless segregationists of all time — was a Democrat.

KEN RAYMOND- Forsyth County, as sent to the Winston Salem Journal

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  2. Victor says:

    Are you aware of the waste and nepotism. that has been going on at Winston Salem State University under the helm of Chancellor Reaves? Chancellor Reaves has been known to bring his friends and pay them as “consultants”. He has a personal friend that he pays $54,000 a year to do “consultant work, his name is Walter Holmes. He also paid $648,000 to acquaintances, the Robinsons, from his former home state. These consultants, Neil and Alana were supposed to fix problems for IT services and we have been told that these services are not being provided on the contrary they have gotten worse.

    He also gave Larry Womble an honorary degree, a representative of his district, to keep the he heat off from the alumni who had been trying to run him off from office. Recently, we have learned that he also hired Larry Womble’s son,as a campus police officer when he had already dismissed 15 workers because of budget cuts. These workers had to be brought back to campus because the state regulations were not followed. This is a joke.

    Other instances of nepotism are:
    Gerald Hunter’ wife, his VP for Finances works at the Office of Human Resources. Hunters wife uses her maiden name, she is from the Philippines.

    The head of Human Resources, Ivan Foster’s children are his wife’s, Deborah, godchildren. He brought in Ivan Foster from Cleveland, Ohio, Reaves native state. This Office is barely running and very dysfunctional.

    Coach Hayes hired his nephew to work in Athletics.

    In the past, temporary workers were hired who were recommended by a high ranking officer from city Hall. She is now a member of the Board of Trustees. Now, Vivian Burke wants to name a building after Donald Reaves.

    A former Trustee, Nigel Alston, was hired to run the Office of Public and Community Relations. He had been let go by GMC. A former Trustee, the very same people that evaluate the chancellor gets a job that pays six figures? Give me a break, what is this? Isn’t this a direct conflict of interest. Never mind this is the UNC System, they claim that they are above the law!

    The Board of Governors recently got caught having a meeting at Chapel Hill and violating the public meeting laws. of course, they were wining and dining by Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill is “The University”, state laws do not apply to them!

    This is a great system folks, get good reviews from your trustees and then hire their friends and them as well. Just pay them off!

    Recently, we have learned that an invisible fence might have been purchased with state’s funds in order for Reaves’ daughter, Katie, keep her dog in the yard when she comes to visit from College. We are also wondering where the Light Corona’s and bourbon to stock the new kitchen in the mansions’ basement are coming from? Is Aramark providing this as a payment for thier contract. We want to know. Or is the Foundation paying for these luxuries because the Chancellor must entertain at his house? We do you draw the line? What is legitimate, we don’t know, show us the expenses! Attorney Klutz release those documentst we have requested.

    We have requested information from Camille Leach Klutz, the university attorney and she continues to stall and claims that she is out of the office. She does not forward the requested the information. We have requested documents that will show the waste. Us taxpayers continue to foot the bill for these big cats!

    Does anyone know how can be force them to provide this information under the freedom and information act when weeks and weeks pass and the university does not provide the requested documents?

    How do we get the Sate Auditor’s Office to investigate these allegations?

    Any suggestions folks?
    Thank you,
    Victor J.