Introducing the Carolina Compact

October 13th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

It has been the position of most tea party groups, including this one, to not endorse specific candidates. Rather, we have tried to highlight candidates that support the principles of limited government, individual responsibility, and free market polices. Now, a group has wrapped all of those principles into a document that lays out a plan for how both the NC General Assembly and the citizenry can work together to solving our problems. It is called the Carolina Compact.

For the government, the Carolina Compact lays out a specific plan that controls the budget, improves education, protects property rights, and brings transparency to the state government. It is not a listing a principles, but a specific list of items and policies that need to be enacted to return the power to the people, and make NC the leading state in the union. Candidates are encouraged to sign the Compact and pledge to bring these items to the floor for debate and passage.

At the same time, the Carolina Compact asks citizens to use this returned power to ensure those who legitimately need help get it. It is not a list of items that government will force us to do, rather it is five actions that we can take in our everyday lives to better our communities and our state. Many of these things are already parts of our lives: giving to charity, saving for a rainy day, and volunteering time.

After reading the Carolina Compact, you should consider signing as a citizen, and then ask your local representative to take a look at it and sign as well. By working together, we can promote this plan of conservative ideals, and demand that our state representatives implement it when they get to Raleigh next year. For more information, and to sign, visit the Carolina Compact.