Forsyth County Candidate Picks

October 26th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 2 Responses

The Forsyth County TEA Party group is a local affiliate of NC TEA Party, and believes following candidates are the conservatives in their races:

NC State Senate District 31: Pete Brunstetter (incumbent, unopposed)

NC State Senate District 32: Nathan Jones (challenger)

NC State House District 72: John Magee (challenger)

NC State House District 73: Larry Brown (incumbent, unopposed)

NC State House District 74: Dale Folwell (incumbent, being challenged)

NC State House District 75: Bill McGee (incumbent, unopposed)

District Attorney, District 21: Jim O’Neill (incumbent, unopposed)

Board of Commissioners- At Large: Bill Whiteheart (challenger)

Board of Commissioners- District B- Debra Conrad (incumbent, being challenged)

Clerk of Superior Court- Jeff Polston (open seat)

Sheriff- Bill Schatzman (incumbent, being opposed)

These candidates are in the non-partisan races.

Supreme Court: Barbara Jackson (challenger)

Court of Appeals: Sanford Steelman (incumbent, unopposed)

Court of Appeals: Ann Marie Calabria (incumbent, being challenged)

Court of Appeals: Rick Elmore (incumbent. being challenged)

Court of Appeals: Dean Poirier

Board of Education- At Large (Vote for all three below, six on the ballet)

Lori Goins Clark
Jeannie Metcalf
Donny Lambeth

Board of Education- District 2 (Vote for  all four below, eight on the ballot)

Buddy Collins
Jane Goins
Marilyn Parker
Jill Tackaberry

Soil & Water Superviser: Toby Bost (incumbent, being challenged)

Court of Appeals runoff: Three of the Four following candidates-

Daniel Garner
Doug McCullough
Chris Dillon
Jewel Ann Farlow

(If you choose to vote straight ticket, votes for these races will NOT be entered & you will not have a vote counted for these races.)

NC TEA Party does not endorse candidates. We believe that individuals in each county should research out the candidates who are running to serve them in all levels of government, and make informed choices based on their own findings and conversations with other citizens, including in our statewide endorsement thread. Visit the State Board of Elections website to find out exactly who will be on your ballot when you go to vote. The TEA Party in North Carolina is not a political party but a grassroots movement of ordinary citizens concerned about their county, state and country. NC TEA Party is not a PAC. Learn more about NC TEA Party.

  1. Donella Edwards says:

    Thank you for all your time and efforts in researching the candidates.

  2. James Grumblatt says:

    Thank you for making available your recomendations for the cndidates in particular the non-partisian races. We all know about “agendas” don’t we.