NC TEA Party Candidate Endorsements

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NC TEA Party Candidate Endorsements

We have received numerous inquiries as to who we support for races in North Carolina. This is a very easy answer. We support candidates who are committed to:

limiting the role of government in our lives
lowering taxes in the state
eliminating wasteful spending in the budgets
encouraging free market solutions
encouraging individual responsibility

Who are these candidates? We have asked you, our readers, to endorse your candidates. We are encouraging individual responsibility for who you vote for. To find out your districts, go to the State Board of Elections, enter your information, and when you see your initial information, you’ll see a link that says “My Districts”, from there, google “NC _____” for whatever district you are seeking. Alternatively, look on the state GOP website, the state Libertarian party website, even the Democrat party website, as a jumping off point.

North Carolina Conservatives NEED to become engaged in this year’s election. Do not stop at finding out who is running to be a positive, conservative force in our state for us— GET IN TOUCH with that person, and ASK how you can HELP them achieve their goal. While voting is essential, the overall conservative atmosphere in this state needs to become stronger. With the momentum the conservative winds are supposed to have across the country, state candidates (especially) should have an abundant volunteer staff, and they do not. If you do not have a state candidate race in the district you are running in, find the next closest to you, and ask THEM how you can help. Believe me, there’s always something that can be done, even if you do not live in their district!

How you can help:

  1. Make phone calls- at campaign headquarters or at home. You are not on your own in this, training is provided!
  2. Walk with the campaigns. Most candidates are out walking their districts 5 days a week, nights during the week and during the day on Saturdays.
  3. Commit to raising money. Some candidates are using an online system where you have your own campaign account, and you can raise money online and track to see how much you are raising. (Cool, right? Gotta love technology)
  4. Help put out yard signs- this is SO important! Name recognition is the #1 challenge for new candidates.
  5. Commit to doing, or organize an intersection sign waving event in October.
  6. Some TEA Party groups are setting up booths at the local fairs- volunteer to work to recruit other volunteers. Encourage these new people to join a campaign and make a difference.
  7. Host a fundraiser. Open your home to a group of people you know, invite them to come hear your candidate speak. Join efforts with other TEA party people and do a potluck picnic at a park- the more the merrier!
  8. Put your campaign in touch with whatever groups you are in to get your candidate in front of them. We have some very bright, impressive state candidates! Once people hear them speak, they should WANT to help get theme elected.
  9. Attend local high school football games- pass out flyers with information about your candidate. (This is a great idea for school board candidates, especially.)
  10. SOCIAL MEDIA. If you are involved in social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, or other sites- push your candidate! Join their pages, suggest their pages and profiles to ALL of your friends; repost information they post (use the “share” link often!); ReTweet their tweets- DAILY recommend them to your followers; digg their blog posts – get the word out! Do NOT underestimate the power of social media.

BONUS: Find out if POLLING JUDGES are needed. Some counties have more than ten judges positions open, and this is a PAID position. There are what- 100 counties in our state? If EVERY county lacked TEN judges, that is 1000 opportunities for less than honest people to jump in and skew this year’s election. Do we WANT that to happen? if you are not currently involved in November 2nd activities, this is something that is DESPERATELY needed.

Volunteer to be a poll observer on November 2nd. Counties are TRAINING people on how to observe for VOTER FRAUD. In 2008, poll observers included ACORN. Are TEA Party Patriots of North Carolina going to ALLOW that in 2010?

Stand at your poll in November  2nd and hand out conservative literature. Remember, school board and judges are non partisan now. Even if a person pulls the lever for a straight ticket- they are not casting a vote for school board and judges. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW who to vote for on election day, unfortunately, a great number of people will show up and not know who to vote for. This is where YOU can help.

Now, go find your candidates, and tell the world who the TEA Party Patriots in THIS state endorse!

The Health Care Bill, An Inside Look.

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The Health Care Bill, An Inside Look.

Here is some inside information on the Health Care bill from a couple of Health Care insiders. This is not a political discussion, there is no partisanship or discussion whether you are for or against the Health Care bill. In other words this is information you WILL NOT hear from the main stream media (yes even Fox News). It is about 39 minutes in length but it is worth it.

Congressman Jones Opposes 1% Transaction Tax

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Congressman Walter Jones, NC-3, does not support HR 4646, which would impose a 1% tax on all banking transactions.  His office advised T0D [Truth or Dare] of his position via email this morning.  This tax would apply to every deposit, every withdrawal, every debit and credit card purchase.  Imagine paying 1% additional for your gas and groceries, paying 1% of your earnings when your paycheck when it is deposited, paying 1% when you take money out of the ATM.  This is the most egregious tax scheme to come down the pike since the income tax.

Thank you Congressman Jones for opposing this outrageous bill!


Originally posted by Lisa from Truth or Dare, on September 20th
Lisa is part of the Outer Banks TEA Party

A Letter from a Tea Party Member – Read This

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Dear Friends,

Many of you have been following the Christine O’Donnell story in Delaware. She is the Tea Party senate candidate who against all odds and amid vicious mud-slinging (reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s treatment in ’08) won the Republican senate primary on Tuesday beating out nine termer, Mike “Might as well be a Democrat” Castle. As you probably know, since she was not handpicked by the GOP and is endorsed by the Tea Party, the powers-that-be in the Republican Party are (shockingly) only showing her lukewarm support at best.

Well, I am writing you today because that is exactly what is occurring in a NC Senate race here in Winston-Salem. The NC Tea Party’s own Nathan Jones, is running against Linda Garrou (the author of our state’s out of control budget) to represent the 32nd District. In addition to being absolutely brilliant, Nate is a good and honest man who strongly believes in the Tea Party principles of limited government, reduced taxation and individual responsibility. He is exactly the type of man this state-this country – needs to help get our government back on track! For some unknown reason (perhaps the Tea Party connection?) and despite strong indications that the race is winnable, the state GOP** has deemed Nathan a low priority for any campaign support-financial or otherwise (you can view the document here). This type of political infighting makes me furious and I hope it makes you mad also. We need to show the Republican leadership in this state that we will fight to get true conservative voices to represent us and that we are done supporting so called “moderates”.

Here is what I am asking you to do. If you are in District 32 (look here for map), vote for Nathan, speak with your neighbors, put out a sign. If you are not in the district, find a friend who is and make sure they are aware of Nate’s candidacy. You DO NOT have to live in the district to help.  Every Monday night at GOP headquarters in Winston, we need people to make calls on his behalf. It is easy and fun. You can even make calls from home.  Support Nathan financially, since the state GOP won’t!  We must show them that conservatives are willing to make sacrifices in order to take our country back.  (Donate here). Perhaps the state GOP will change its’ tune if we show them that the Tea Party is in deadly earnest and is willing to put our money where our mouth is! Now is the time for us to stop protesting and to start working to effect real change.  We all must all do our part. Will you help? If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to call me at 945-2990.

**(NOT to be confused with Forsyth County GOP, who have been nothing but supportive!)


Catherine Trosan

Is it unconstitutional to fly a Christian flag?

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The ACLU struck again, and got it’s way … again.

KING, N.C. — A Christian flag flying at the Veterans Memorial at Central Park is being removed after a City Council vote Wednesday evening. …King City Manager John Cater said the vote happened at the urging of the city attorney after the council determined that it would cost too much to fight any potential lawsuit over the matter… The flag first came under scrutiny earlier this summer when an anonymous caller complained to Cater, saying that flying the flag was unconstitutional.” (more, plus video)

So this begs the question: do you believe  it is unconstitutional to fly a flag of faith at a Veterans Memorial? Why or why not?

Visit the Stokes County TEA Party website.

Part-Time Lawmakers Collecting Above Average Pay

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“North Carolina’s top-paid legislator in 2009 earned 48 percent more than the average state government employee earned in the same year, and 54 percent more than the average private sector employee. The top-paid legislator was Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight, D-Dare, who collected $86,211.48. The top-paid legislators also hold the highest offices in the state General Assembly. Among the 25 legislators collecting the highest compensation in 2009, the vast majority were Democrats; only six were Republicans.”

(read more)


Why does it take Palin for a win?

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I’ve been pondering a lot about the Christine O’Donnell victory this week. I used to think endorsements were a big thing. I still do, but, in a way I’m thinking differently. It took the TEA Parties in ’09 to rile people up. It gave those who were paying attention a way to find their voice. That’s fine, it was the first TEA Party in my area that got me involved in my local party. After the TEA parties I started paying closer attention. I started doing my homework. No one had to tell me who the better of the candidates were in this year’s primaries, I found that out for myself. There were no big endorsements for our primaries around here, yet, I was still comfortable with my choice for candidates. Did anyone else in Forsyth County have a hard time picking their candidates last primary season?

I’ll admit, being here in North Carolina, I do not pay that much attention to Delaware politics. It surprised me the other day, however, after a few days of chatter over Castle and his “RINO” tendencies, and putting his qualities beside O’Donnell’s qualities, the answer was pretty obvious to me. Why was O’Donnell running remotely behind? It was such an obvious choice! Then one day I happened to be listening to Hannity on the radio and he was talking to Sarah Palin about O’Donnell. She was going on and on about how good of a conservative Christine was, and Sean asked about some tweet she made concerning the candidate. Sarah flat out endorsed O’Donnell, right there on the radio. There was no mistaking that endorsement. Did you hear that conversation?

Then the next day it was like a whirlwind, and before you could blink O’Donnell went on to win the primary what- less than a week later? A week later? Does anyone else see what is potentially wrong with this picture? WHY did it take a national figure, a political “rock star” to get people engaged in the process? Was it not important BEFORE Palin endorsed O’Donnell, that fiscal conservatism make a return back to Delaware representation? Was it not important BEFORE Palin endorsed O’Donnell, to have a candidate that would block cap and trade, and repeal Obamacare? Truly, is it actually NECESSARY for this country’s conservatives that a “rock star” be brought into a campaign before they will go out and vote?

Why is it required a big name to fill county GOP meetings? If we TEA Party people are serious about taking our country back, we are going to HAVE to become engaged! We must take our PARTY back! Our state can potentially make history this year with the potential flip of the General Assembly- why is it that only when big names, or “popular” people are involved in an event, that the majority of conservatives show up? Why is it that state level candidates are HURTING for volunteer help? Why does it appear that North Carolina’s conservatives are failing their conservative candidates? All my growing up, all I ever heard was “Well, you have to be rich to be able to run for office”, and I thought that for a very long time. Then I thought, maybe the problem with politics is that … rich people are making decisions for poor people. No, that’s truly not the problem.

Do you know why it takes “rich people” to win elections? Because people are NOT ENGAGED!! It takes approximately $37,000 to reach registered REPUBLICANS in Forsyth County. What candidate, what MIDDLE CLASS candidate, has $37,000 to do ONE mailing, in the hopes that that piece of paper does not get tossed in the trash? What middle class, honest to goodness, PERFECT candidate (well, no one is “perfect”), a person you would WANT to represent you in Raleigh, (even Washington!), has that kind of money? If every registered republican in Forsyth County would give our, say 20 local candidates (school board, commissioner, etc..don’t think there’s twenty, but ..) ONE DOLLAR. ONE … DOLLAR. a hundred pennies. Each candidate would have $74,000 in their pocket. Instead, we have a state level candidate that has raised oh, $3000.

But you let Sarah Palin get in the game, and it changes everything. Why SHOULD it change everything, just because a political “rock star” gets involved in a race? O’Donnell has raised almost a million dollars in three days- because she was all of a sudden the candidate to support … because of a big endorsement. You know what? Sarah Palin has the same amount of votes available on election day that you have. One. This is our country. People should WANT to be involved. They should WANT to know who to support- not because someone tells them who to support, but because they were responsible enough with their own vote to do the research themselves, to know WHY they voted for someone. Not just because they had a popular endorsement. Not even because they see a name on a TEA Party website.

– Wendy

Disclaimer: I love Sarah Palin, but I cannot raise enough money to get her to North Carolina to endorse my state candidate of choice, and it upsets me to think that more North Carolinians would be involved in my candidate’s race IF she uttered his name.

I challenge every person who reads this: do you know who your state candidates are? If so, give them a shout out in the comment’s section.

Who do YOU endorse in North Carolina?

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NC TEA Party believes the most effective endorsement, is the endorsement of individual citizens- not by groups. Yes, groups in the endorsement business can be effective, but endorsements do no good for a candidate unless it brings individual voters to the polls on election day.

So we want to know, who do YOU endorse? Who are your chosen candidates? Who are you supporting in the upcoming elections?

We want to hear about not only congressional candidates, we want to know about LOCAL candidates. Do you know who is running for your local school board? (Did you know in Forsyth County, there are liberal candidates who are wanting to reinstate FORCED BUSSING?) Do not overlook the school board races this year!

What about county commissioner races? Sheriff races? Who’s your choice for State House and Senate?

Be sure when you leave your comments, to share what Race / District the candidate is running for, and what COUNTY you are in. Think we can get all of the counties of North Carolina participating in this one thread? Spread the word! Send people here, we want to know who NC TEA party supporters are supporting! TEA Party supporters who live in NC are NC TEA Party!


Visit the State Board of Elections website to find out exactly who will be on your ballot when you go to vote. The TEA Party in North Carolina is not a political party but a grassroots movement of ordinary citizens concerned about their county, state and country. NC TEA Party is not a PAC. Learn more about NC TEA Party.

Chris Christie strikes again

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Chris Christie strikes again

For those who have not had the opportunity to see it this week, a new video has made the rounds through the net with Chris Christie bring his normal self- making sense and frustrating those who do not agree with him. I find the direct nature of Christie refreshing, and his upfront honesty and realistic expectations hopeful for our country. We need more people with these traits in leadership!

Forsyth County Volunteers needed

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We would like to find some volunteers from Forsyth County concerning three topics:

The recent school system happenings (2)

The recent bond vote by the county commissioners

Volunteers to be present at the NC TEA Party booth at the Dixie Classic Fair.

If this is of interest to you, please email Wendy.