Nathan Tabor’s attacker found Guilty

August 29th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 2 Responses

Court date was this past Wednesday. Tea Party supporter and Forsyth County GOP Chairman Nathan Tabor was found not guilty in the charges brought against him this past June when a man punched him in front of Mel Watt’s office at a protest against the Financial reform bill. You can view the original NC TEA Party video footage here.

  1. John Shea says:

    Spensor will NOT face jail time? Something wrong with this picture. He should serve an automatic 30 days in the slammer. This thugs penalty is court costs which amounts to less than one hundred dollars.

    So a person can protest in front of Mel Watts office and some thug comes up and punches him in the face a few times and attacks him and gets a hundred dollar fine.


    • Pam Waddell says:

      Sounds suspiciously like the Black Panther scenerio in Pa. Are you really surprised in this present political climate?