How did Washington Gain its Powers?

August 9th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

When Washington DC changed the way they received taxes, they set into play more than just a tax. They set into play the largest vote buying scheme ever conceived. When this country began; the power to tax was left to the states for the most part. The individual did not pay taxes unless they imported goods or owned property. The states then paid taxes to the Federal Government; but today we are taxed for everything. We now pay taxes for every single item we buy, consume or use.

The power to buy votes comes from the individual income tax. Since politicians decided to purchase votes, some members of congress have been in office for over 30 years, some even longer. This is the problem with this country now, career politicians who bribe the people to vote for them. The promises we hear every election time is this, “I will reduce taxes for the poor and tax those evil rich people and corporations”. Did you know, you as an individual pay all the taxes a business incurred? Corporations are nothing more than tax collectors; they collect the taxes they pass on to the individual in the price they charge for the goods they sell.

All costs of doing business are passed on to the consumer, which includes all taxes. So when you want those evil corporations to pay out the nose in taxes, just remember what you are saying “Tax me please, oh please raise the taxes on me personally.”

The individual income tax is used every election year. We hear taxes being raised or lowered in every speech. How can we eliminate the powers of Washington and put those powers back into the hands of the people? The simple answer is the Fair Tax; the Fairtax is the best tax system possible. It eliminates the powers to buy votes, it gives the individual 100% of their paycheck each week and the only time we pay a tax is when we purchase something NEW. The poor do not pay taxes now and will not pay them with the fair tax either. Washington would lose their grip on power to control our actions and the individual determines how much in taxes they are willing to pay.

I can hear those against the tax now, 23% tax is outrageous. Well we pay over 23% now but we cannot tax drug dealers or hookers. With the fair tax, everyone except the poor pay taxes. Corporations will pay, individuals will pay and illegal immigrants will pay. If we buy something, we pay taxes on it. We control the taxes, not Washington. The best part about this tax system, it will not drive companies off shore. This tax system will actually drive businesses to our shores. If a company must pay 11% in taxes in other countries (America currently has the second highest tax rate in the world) and they can come here and pay virtually nothing, where do you believe they will go? We would virtually be forced to limit the number of companies that will be allowed to come over to America. Our unemployment numbers will be as low as they could possibly be. Since almost every large corporation will want to be housed here, there will be 2 jobs for every individual. The demand will be inconceivable.

In summary, with the FairTax, we keep 100% of our paychecks and only pay taxes when we purchase new items. No tax on investments or any used items. The poor will pay no taxes and actually receive a check. The corporations will want to come here by the millions, causing unemployment to drop to the lowest levels possible. Washington will no longer have the power of the tax to manipulate us. It is well documented that when taxes are low, revenue to the government is high. With the Fairtax, we could basically eliminate the deficit in my lifetime, instead of my great, great, great, great grandchildren’s life time.

Illegal immigrants will pay taxes; drug dealers will pay taxes and no more need for the Social Security card. The Social Security card is a tracking card which gives the government the power to track you. We will have no need for a social security number and regain our privacy once again. No more identity theft. This is just an overview of the Fairtax, I could not even begin to touch on the benefits in this article but if you go to, we can get a more in-depth look at it.


by David Gillis

David blogs at “What’s Wrong with Our Country