“Nanny State on Red Bull”

June 30th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

You probably have not heard a lot about the bill that just passed in the North Carolina House (HB 1726) , unless you have been following the #NCGA hashtag on twitter, or happen to be following NC Senate Candidate Nathan Jones, who mentioned it a few days ago.  Basically, North Carolina lawmakers believe it is not enough for the Federal Government to pass health insurance mandates, but they also want to dictate what YOUR CHILD DRINKS in daycare. Private daycare. That’s right!

“These dictates would include a prohibition against serving sugar-sweetened beverages to children of any age; a prohibition against serving whole milk to children two years of age or older; a prohibition against serving flavored milk to any child; an absolute daily limit of six ounces of juice for any child regardless of age or how long the child is cared for; and a prohibition against juice served in a bottle, regardless of age.

These mandates would apply to every child in child care, without regard to each child’s health or nutritional needs, and without regard to parental wishes.   These requirements go well beyond current minimum nutrition standards for day care centers.  HB 1726 will be up for a final vote in the House Monday night and then must be considered by the Senate.” *

Comments supporting this bill are “you should not be not have to worry that your daycare provider is feeding your children junk”, to which I would say, at least in Forsyth County, daycare centers are already required to post a menu a month in advance of what they will be feeding the children. So you already do not have to worry, because you have been informed in advance, and if you don’t want your children to have what is served that day, you can send lunch with them.

I guess that is too simple for lawmakers, isn’t it? I realize that their concern is childhood obesity, but there are other ways to tackle this problem. What are your thoughts?