The Loss of a Patriot

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Shay youll be missed Sharon “Shay” Snow, a dedicated friend and a dedicated Tea Party activist, passed away today.  Shay was one of the most ambitious
Republican precinct chairmen in Forsyth County and was the Rural Hall/Pfafftown Outreach Chairmen.  She will truly be missed!

Please pray for her family & friends during this time.

Videos from the April 15th Tea Party

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Videos from the April 15th Tea Party

Jared Fuller starts off our videos with his speech at the 2010 April 15th Tea Party on the campus of Wake Forest at Davis Field. Over 1000 people showed up for our event, even the local TV stations like WXII and also our dear friend the very liberal and often inaccurate Winston Salem Journal who reported our number count incorrectly at 700 or so. Watch the videos below, more will be added until we get all the speakers up.

Nathan Jones:

N.C. Doubles Number of Tax Reviews For Large Families

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From the Carolina Journal:

May 25, 2010

RALEIGH — For the second time in as many years, the North Carolina Department of Revenue is forcing large families to cough up copies of their children’s birth certificates and Social Security cards or else forfeit their tax refunds.

There’s one difference: tax auditors have doubled the number of families up for review this year, reigniting anger from parents concerned that it’s just a money-grab in tough budget times.

“I was really frustrated by the whole experience. It seems to just be a stall tactic,” said Jeanette Wilson, a home-school mother of six. “The most frustrating part for me is that it seems the burden of proof is on me.”

The reviews, intended to ensure that taxpayers aren’t gaming the system, kick in for families who claimed seven or more exemptions on their returns. Carolina Journal first reported the new move in May 2009.

“The Department has identified noncompliance trends among individual income tax returns that claim higher numbers of exemptions and erroneous filing status,” said department spokesman Thomas Beam.

In addition to copies of Social Security cards and birth certificates, auditors have asked for copies of taxpayers’ federal returns and statements indicating their relationship to, and the physical address of, all claimed dependents.

Taxpayers who file as head of household also are required to provide a divorce decree or custody agreement and document “proper support” for dependents not living under their roof.

Families are required to submit the information within 30 days or else their refund won’t be processed.

New families targeted

The Revenue Department tagged 7,125 returns for review in 2009. Auditors have upped the number to 14,356 returns this year. By mid-May, the review had saved $2.7 million in fraudulent refunds from going out, Beam said.

“The number of exemptions claimed on the tax return is only one of the criteria used to determine if additional information is necessary,” he said.

But that hasn’t stopped parents from claiming that the review is a way for a cash-strapped state to hang onto revenue as long as possible.

“The governor is using every legal means at her disposal to delay tax refunds from going out,” said homeschooling father John Walker.

Walker said his family has received the tax review request two years in a row, but auditors canceled the second request after learning that his information was verified and on file.

Others question the usefulness of the approach. Jeff Tracy, a father of five, called the reviews a “capricious witch hunt.”

“This is an extremely poor approach to catching fraudulent activity, since those committing fraud would have to be particularly bold or idiotic to fake so many exemptions that they couldn’t help but attract attention,” he said.

Lynn Young, a mother of 10 who is owed over $3,000 in state refunds, said the review is discriminatory because it targets taxpayers based on the number of kids they have.

“I can’t speak for them, but all evidence and all statements go to show that it’s just a delaying tactic,” she said.

Wilson said it should be irksome even for families that didn’t get a letter. “A large family is working even harder to make ends meet, and yet the state government can’t seem to manage money. It doesn’t seem just,” she said.

Tardy tax refunds

Similar to last year, the state has delayed tax refunds to help keep the budget scenario solvent. In an interview with CJ last year, Revenue Department Secretary Kenneth Lay said the review of high-exemption taxpayers has nothing to do with the late refunds.

“They are two separate issues,” said Lay, a former Bank of America executive. “They are somewhat related, because it has to do with tax collection and refunds, but they are not directly related to each other.”

Last year’s tax season was the first time the state required filers to document their exemptions. The department plans to keep information obtained through the review on file, just as it does with traditional audits.

Review gets noticed

At least one state has expressed interest in mirroring North Carolina’s policy. In e-mail correspondence last year, a supervisor with the Kentucky Department of Revenue requested more information on the state’s review method, particularly which documents auditors requested to prove a taxpayers’ dependents were legitimate.

Contacted by phone, department spokesman Jerry McCarthy said he doubted Kentucky would pursue a similar review.

“We have a good compliance program, so I doubt anything will happen going forward,” he said.

WS – not 18 Years Old? You cannot have spray paint!

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This is ripe! The government “thinkers” are at it again with a gut reaction to a problem that stems from years of government interference and entitlements. They want to ban the sale and possession of spray paint to anyone under 18 years of age. So if you are working on a project at home and you need a can of spray paint, you kid can no longer run to the hardware store to pick it up for you if they are under 18 years old. All because we have idiot parents that are sitting around on their duffs not minding their children. Most of this is happening in the city so you can just imagine what is going on there socially… people that never should have had kids, have them but don’t take care of them, don’t watch them, don’t love them, etc.

These kids are out on the street late at night when they should be home in bed, or studying, or even just being with their families. But these “parents” just let them run wild whenever they want. This is a product (maybe not entirely, but I would be close) of a liberal mentality. Having kids for the wrong reasons and not taking care of them when they are here, entitlement programs that breed laziness in parents which just leads to them becoming complacent and sitting on their asses drinking, smoking and watching the boob tube when they SHOULD be putting their children and their children’s needs BEFORE their own selfish wants.They should be teaching these kids how to grow up properly and how to respect other people’s property and teaching the what is right and wrong. That way the government does not have to come in and create a NANNY STATE for UTTER and COMPLETE MORONS (like these parents) thereby punishing the rest of us that put in the time, the effort and the blood sweat and tears that go into raising a competent, well-mannered, morally focused young adult!

This law will do nothing but present the kids with a DARE on how to go about getting spray paint, it will do nothing but create a hassle for those good families that are doing fun projects together on the weekends. It also robs a young man or young lady the feeling of usefulness and contribution to the family to be able to take the car and run out to help Dad.

Shame on the government, and more importantly SHAME ON YOU LAZY STINKING PARENTS. You are ruining your kids!

Watch video below:

Could It Really Be Happening?

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I started reading this book a couple years ago, right before the Bush bailout happened. It was uncanny, it was like I was reading a play book. Now with Obama and things happening in the EU. Could Fabian Socialism really be coming to fruition? If it is we have a much larger fight on our hands.

Aside from the Federal Reserve this book talks about the history of bailouts, the banks and the IMF and how it “helps” countries through difficult times.


The federal government adds ink to a piece of paper, creates impressive designs around the edges, and calls it a bond or Treasury note. It is merely a promise to pay a specified sum at a specified interest on a specified date. As we shall see in the following steps, this debt eventually becomes the foundation for almost the entire nation’s money supply. In reality, the government has created cash, but it doesn’t yet look like cash. To convert these IOUs into paper bills and checkbook money is the function of the Federal Reserve System. To bring about that transformation, the bond is given to the Fed where it is then classified as a . . .” If you don’t read another book read this one, it is about so much more than the Federal Reserve. You can get it here.

NC Tea Party Summit

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In North Carolina limited government and conservative/libertarian ideas do not have any chance to be heard in the General Assembly. We are the highest taxed state in our region. Our schools are failing. We can not get a vote to stop forced annexation, stop eminent domain abuse, limit spending, add more charter schools, reduce taxes, and much more. This summit hopes to help channel the tea party energy towards some of these issues, while continuing to grow the movement even stronger.

Click here for details.

Look Out Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Barbers, etc.

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Look Out Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Barbers, etc.

The NC legislature is at it again! These so-called leaders are thinking up new ways to tax the hell out of the private sector. It’s not bad enough that they have made an enemy of and so many private sector leaders, now they are looking for ways to tax services! They want to tax Doctors, PAs, Dentists, Lawyers, Accountants, Hair Dressers, and more to pay for their loser programs and paybacks. And the people that are going to get stuck with this bill are the consumers! How long will it take for NC to get rid of these dirty rotten crooks.

Watch the video:

This is why conservatives lose – We Don’t Show Up

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RALEIGH, N.C. – North Carolina voters angry with Congress have only been trickling to the polls for Tuesday’s primary that could alter the state’s leadership on Capitol Hill.

Some 170,000 people cast ballots in early voting, roughly one-third the number that appeared during the one-stop period for the presidential primary two years ago. There’s been no sign of a tea party surge, as Republicans have comprised just 33 percent of voters so far – similar to last election and to the statewide breakdown of party registration.

“It’s disappointing that more people are not tuning into the importance of the primary election,” said Bob Hall, executive director of elections watchdog Democracy North Carolina. “It’s the place where candidates are filtered out. The vote actually has tremendous weight.”

At the top of the ballot, the election will weed out a large group of Democrats seeking to challenge Republican Sen. Richard Burr, whose approval numbers have sagged along with the rest of Congress. Burr himself faces GOP challengers who question whether he can get re-elected, though the incumbent is widely seen as a favorite and plans to spend Election Day in Washington..

There are also several key House primaries: Republican Rep. Howard Coble, who hasn’t seen a primary challenger in a quarter century, faces several looking to represent his district in central North Carolina. Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell, who won a seat just two years ago to represent southern North Carolina, faces a challenge from one of his former campaign volunteers. Meanwhile, several Republicans have been competing in a costly race to challenge Kissell in the state’s most competitive district.

Scores of other primaries across North Carolina ballots will help select state lawmakers, judges and prosecutors.

North Carolinians have expressed discontent with elected officials and particularly Congress; an Elon University poll released two weeks ago showed 69 percent of state adults said they disapproved of the way Congress was doing its job. That has yet to translate into mobilization at the ballot box, however.

The 170,000 voters who went to one-stop voting sites was higher than the 70,000 who turned out during the primary four years ago, but that election didn’t have any major statewide decisions such as this year’s U.S. Senate race. The election two years ago included both a presidential and Senate race and drew some 480,000 voters to one-stop sites before Election Day.

Gary Bartlett, the executive director of the State Board of Elections, said officials were hoping to see more early voters.

“I am hoping for a large turnout (Tuesday),” he said. “However, all the signs during my tenure lead me to believe it will not be a large turnout. I don’t think we’ll reach 20 percent.”

Non-presidential primaries typically have voter turnouts around 20 percent.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidates Ken Lewis and Cal Cunningham both said Monday that they deliberately spent the final days focusing on personal engagement with the public. Lewis was knocking on doors while Cunningham was meeting with voters as part of a jobs tour.

“As a citizen, I certainly liked to have seen more people come out and vote,” Lewis said. Cunningham hoped for sunshine Tuesday to encourage good participation.

The three leading candidates in that race – Lewis, Cunningham and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall – scheduled visits Monday to their campaign phone banks in a sign that the low early-voting turnout means getting their supporters to the polls Tuesday is an even greater portion of the formula for a primary victory or entering a runoff.

A candidate must win more than 40 percent of the vote to avoid a two-person runoff.

Bartlett said elections investigators were looking into accusations of vote buying in Bladen County and an allegation that a candidate in eastern North Carolina provided something of value for a vote. He said it was common to hear accusations of impropriety shortly before Election Day.

For Tomorrows Elections

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Many of you have asked for a guide to Tuesday’s Voting.

Here it is.