Andrew Napolitano – American Patriot

January 11th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

Folks if you do not know this Andrew Napolitano is doing a 5 part series on our government starting with the Constitution. There will be a new video added each day and all of them will be available on Friday. You can see it hear on the NC Tea Party site.

The last installment Judge Andrew Napolitano explains the role of the states under the Constitution, it is 6 minutes and 11 seconds long.

In Part 4 Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks down the role of the courts under the Constitution, running time is 5 minutes 51 seconds.

Part 3 Judge Andrew Napolitano talks about the president’s powers and roles under the Constitution, it is 5 minutes and 7 seconds long.

The 2nd part the Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks down Congress’ role under the Constitution, it 6 minutes and 39 seconds long.

In the first part Judge Andrew Napolitano on why the Constitution is the greatest political document ever written it is about 6 minutes 10 seconds long.

  1. Terry Sigmon says:

    That was a very good start and I hope many Americans will listen to all of your presentations or better yet read and study our Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights!