Have you heard? Perdue wants higher sales tax

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Have you heard? Perdue wants higher sales tax

Gov. Bev Perdue said Tuesday her budget proposal for next year will include a temporary sales tax increase to restore education cuts made by the Republican-led General Assembly when they let a similar tax expire last July.

The announcement by Perdue, made during a visit to a Greensboro elementary school, comes four months before the legislature returns to town for its budget-adjusting session. Her statement appears to set the stage for a re-election campaign that could pit Perdue against the new GOP majority on the issue of taxes and education.

Perdue said her budget for the year starting July 1 would call for restoring three-quarters of the penny sales tax that had been on the books for two years starting in 2009. That would raise the sales tax in most counties from 6.75 percent to 7.5 percent.

The GOP-led legislature rejected Perdue’s proposal last year to set the sales tax at 7.5 percent, instead allowing the full penny to expire on time at a cost of more than $1 billion in lost revenue. The revenue reduction meant Republican budget-writers had to look for additional cuts in education and health care, where nearly 80 percent of the state’s $19.7 billion annual budget is allocated.

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NC Republican Candidates-A Warning from the Tea Party

October 5th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Interesting, Spending 17 Responses
NC Republican Candidates-A Warning from the Tea Party

The NC Tea Party has found out from a credible source that the republican “leadership” has told old and new candidates in North Carolina not to talk too much about higher taxes because if the GOP wins the house and senate they will bring about legislation to Tax Services in NC to close the budget gap, instead of cutting spending.

If this is the case why do we want these bums in office? Would they be any different than the Democrats? From this little bit of information we have found out, in fact they are just a different group of tax and spend. This is why we need new blood in the NC Legislature.

So this is our WARNING to each and every single republican candidate that wants to increase our taxes in North Carolina. We will watch you and call you out with more action and fever than we did with the Democrats. You can NOT co-opt the Tea Party, we have allegiance to no political party. Any Republican that authors, sponsors or votes for this tax on services WILL be primaried in 2 years… if you think we are mad at the Democrats just try this and every single one of you will be on monster.com after the next election.

You have been warned – The NC Tea Party.