NC TEA Party Endorses ….

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NC TEA Party Endorses ….

As a group, NC TEA Party endorses-
– Limited Government
– Lower Taxes
– Eliminate Wasteful Spending
– Free Markets
– Individual Responsibility

In the spirit of endorsing individual responsibility, as a group we will never endorse an individual candidate. We believe each citizen must be responsible for their own vote. Each citizen must seek out the candidates running and make up their own mind. We seek to provide information to help citizens with that decision but ultimately, that decision is an individual one. Especially considering the extremely diverse nature of the tea party as a movement.

With all that being said-

Who are you looking to personally endorse for the NC Council of State positions come May 8th? Take our survey-

Not very sure? Check out the video coverage from our council of state debate in March here.

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NC House Candidate’s Company Faces Tax Questions

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NC House Candidate’s Company Faces Tax Questions

GASTONIA, N.C. — A candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives says he is working to resolve an $80,000 tax issue involving his business.

The Gaston Gazette reported ( that Gastonia Republican Dana Bumgardner said he doesn’t think the tax problems for his company should affect voters in next month’s primary.

Bumgardner says the six-year-old claim involves his business and he does not personally owe the IRS anything. He says his attorney is working to resolve the dispute.
Bumgardner is one of several candidates for the seat now held by Rep. Bill Current.

Bumgardner is one of the owners of LPM Inc., a label manufacturing company in the Gaston County town of Dallas.

The IRS filed a lien against the company in 2006.
Information from: The Gaston Gazette,

Greene vs Starnes for NC House 87 (Caldwell County)

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Greene vs Starnes for NC House 87 (Caldwell County)

From Jordan Greene’s website:

“Yes, we need conservative leadership in Raleigh to work to restore North Carolina’s respect for freedom and the individual. However, we need more than conservatives, we need conservatives who will stand by the constitution and the principles of individual liberty. We need leadership that will work to restore free-market principles to help produce a business friendly environment for job growth in our state, including less spending, no new taxes, no corporate welfare and less business regulations. We need leadership in Raleigh that will stand up for our state’s rights under the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution and work to protect our gun rights from federal encroachment, nullify Obamacare and defend the unborn child’s right to life.”

read more about Jordan

From Edgar Starnes’ website:

“I am committed to giving the hard working, taxpaying citizens of this district the conservative leadership they have come to expect and deserve. I have long been interested in the economic and spiritual well being of our citizens and my voting record reflects this concern. … This coming session of the General Assembly will be critical to the people of Caldwell County. My number one priority will be jobs. We must aggressively pursue jobs so people can go back to work. It is imperative that North Carolina adopt an economic growth policy that benefits each of us.”

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James Mathis, NC House 49th District

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James Mathis, NC House 49th District

James Mathis, an Independent from Waxhaw, is planning on becoming a Write-in candidate in June for NC District 49 (Wake County area). He will be the youngest candidate in the field at 21. Two areas James mentions on his facebook page as problematic is wasteful spending and the gas tax. Learn more about James on his website.

Myrick chooses candidate to bless

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U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick broke her silence Monday and endorsed Republican Jim Pendergraph in the crowded race for her 9th District congressional seat.

Also Monday, Myrick’s colleague, U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry of Cherryville, endorsed former state senator Robert Pittenger, one of Pendergraph’s 10 Republican opponents.

Pittenger, who plans to formally kick off his campaign this morning, became the first candidate to air a TV ad in the race, called “Effective & Conservative.”

Pendergraph and Pittenger are among 11 Republicans running for the seat.

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So what do you think? Will a Myrick “blessing” help this candidate? 9th District peeps- who are YOU supporting in this race?
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