Albuquerque NM Dog Becomes Registered Voter

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Albuquerque NM Dog Becomes Registered Voter

An Albuquerque man says he successfully registered his dog to vote in Bernalillo County.

The dog owner said he saw a voter registration booth on the University of New Mexico’s campus a few weeks ago and decided to see how easy it would be to register his dog to vote.

He said he was trying to expose the problems with the registration system.  He said he just received the dog’s voter registration card in the mail Wednesday, and it was way too easy.

“They should verify.  Somebody should have verified this information and somebody should have come out and took a look at exactly who it was.  But I made up a birth date, and I made up a social security number and I had a voter registration card in my hand for Buddy two weeks later,” the dog owner said.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 contacted the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office.  They said state law does not require proof of your social, your date of birth, or even your name.  But they said what this man did is voter fraud.

They also said they strictly look over all the applications that come from third-party registration agencies before sending out registration cards.  But this time, Buddy the dog made it through the system.

“We’re going to have a lot of people that are registered to vote that shouldn’t be able to vote,” the dog owner said.

He said he has no intention of voting under Buddy’s name.

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Concerned about Voter Fraud in NC? NC TEA Party endorses the True The Vote program. Contact us to find out how to get involved!

What kind of turnout do you believe a JULY primary runoff would produce?

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What kind of turnout do you believe a JULY primary runoff would produce?

If a leading candidate fails to get more than 40 percent of the vote in a North Carolina primary election race this May, when is the runoff?

It depends.

The runoff recently has been held seven weeks after the primary, which this year would be June 26. But a new state law designed to fulfill a federal mandate would delay all runoffs until July 17 should one be needed for a congressional primary.

Given some U.S. House primary races are expected to have several candidates running – at least nine Republicans have expressed interest in the 11th Congressional District nomination, for example – there’s a good chance at least one election will fail to be resolved at the May 8 primary. Only the top two vote-getters advance to the runoff.

— Bartlett said Thursday three additional weeks would be needed to comply with new federal requirements that North Carolina military personnel and other state residents living overseas are sent absentee ballots 45 days before the runoff. The General Assembly approved the primary runoff date change with little fanfare last year as part of broader legislation designed to streamline voting for these citizens.

The wait between the primary and the runoff had been four weeks through 2006. The Legislature passed a law that year to extend the difference in future years to seven weeks after the U.S. Department of Justice filed a complaint to enforce a previous law for military and overseas voters.

A 2009 federal law required the 45-day window to send and collect these absentee ballots.

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What kind of turnout do you believe a JULY primary runoff would produce?  The article states that in 2008 only 1.9% of democrats turned out for a primary runoff, and we know that turnout was low for the 2010 turnout. How do you believe this will affect congressional races this year?

John Tedesco to announce if he will run for NC State Superintendent

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from John:


With grateful appreciation, I thank all who have supported our efforts over the past few years to strengthen the state’s largest school system and the 16th largest in America. Through strong leadership we chartered a course “from good to great” as we managed Wake County’s 165 schools, 18,000 employees, 147,000 students, and $1.5 billion budget. Together we trimmed tens of millions of dollars while we protected our dedicated teachers, raised academic outcomes, launched innovative programs and developed one of the largest parental choice assignment plans in our nation.

While these results have been good for the children and taxpayers of Wake County, community leaders from the coast to the mountains recognize that the state of education throughout much of NC remains significantly more challenged. In North Carolina we have had a proud historic commitment to education, however, over the past 10 years we have struggled to keep pace as the digital age unfolds. This reduces opportunities for our children and impacts the strength of our educated workforce. Too many of our NC children still cannot read and nearly 30% are not graduating on time. We rank 4th in the nation in suspensions while we continue to exacerbate a serious school-to-prison pipeline costing our state hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Over the last decade our educational outcomes continued to fall behind international standards and, at best by various selected measures, have climbed only to the middle of the pack among the states. In 2008, our newly elected Governor claimed to be the next “Education Governor”. During her first two years in office, with a Democrat controlled General Assembly by her side, we lost more teacher jobs in this state than we had in the previous quarter century. Short of lotteries and repeated calls for tax increases where our children are used as shields for political gamesmanship, we have seen no real leadership or solutions on these critical issues. The future of our children and our state is too important for gambling and games. More than ever we need real leadership and our teachers need our support. Our children deserve better and our state depends on it.

During recent months community leaders whom I admire and respect from across this great state have asked me to consider bringing my dedication, leadership, and lifetime of passion for helping children to the office of State Superintendent. I am honored by their belief in my tenacity and track record of success. I truly believe that together we can strengthen education in NC. We can and must produce significant measurable results for our students, support parents, empower teachers, reduce bureaucracy, and increase local controls.

In respect to these urgent matters I plan to announce my decision by Thursday, January 26th. Over the coming week my wife and I will be joined by family and friends in serious and prayerful consideration of this state-wide campaign to champion a better education for the children of North Carolina. As I consider this run for State Super-intendent I ask that you keep me and my family in your prayers as well.

Humbly yours,

John Tedesco

Wake County Public School System

Board of Education Representative District 2

Connect with John:

UPDATE-Voter ID requirement passes Senate

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UPDATE-Voter ID requirement passes Senate

Over protests that they would effectively disenfranchise thousands of voters, the state Senate Wednesday night passed a bill that would require voters to show a photo ID.

The bill passed along party lines 31-19. It now goes back to the House for agreement on minor changes.

Meanwhile a House committee passed a bill that includes sweeping changes in election law, including eliminating Sunday early voting and same-day registration.

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The Wilmington StarNews Online is reporting that Republicans are wilting on a voter ID law under pressure from Democrats and the Legislative Black Caucus who say the current bill as written would discourage blacks, students and the elderly from voting. Under the new bill—which is still in draft stage—voters will be able to present one of seven photo identification cards or their non-photo voter registration card.

The way the voter registration card would work would be by comparing the signature at the polls with the signature on the original voter registration form. These signatures would be scanned from the official document and two poll workers would have to agree that the signatures match. If one or both workers think the signatures do not match, then the person will still be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

What are the problems here? Let me count the ways. Seeing as how the majority of poll workers are liberal Democrats, I doubt many people will be turned down for voting. Also, what will it cost the state to not only scan and store these signatures, but to train poll workers to compare signatures? Considering that handwriting analysis is widely questioned for its accuracy, how to we expect lay people to be good and fair judges?

All of these problems can be solved with a simple photo identification card. No special training is required, and no additional cost to the state is required unless we choose to help individuals obtain photo identification cards. Call your representative and senator today and tell them we want photo identification ALONE for voter ID.

Bill Saves $617 Million In Taxpayer Dollars

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Bill Saves $617 Million In Taxpayer Dollars

U.S. Representative Virginia Foxx (NC-05)  voted to eliminate taxpayer funding for the Presidential Election Campaign Fund.  The bill, H.R. 359, passed the House 239-160.  It came up for a vote under House Republicans’ YouCut program, which allows any American to weigh in on where to cut the federal budget.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, H.R. 359 reduces federal spending by $617 million over the next ten years.

“Bankrolling presidential campaigns during an era of record budget deficits is not a good use of taxpayer dollars,” Foxx said. “Today the Congressional Budget Office projected a massive $1.5 trillion federal budget deficit.  In light of this, we’ve got to look everywhere we can in the budget for savings and the elimination of subsidized presidential electioneering is a common sense step.”

Foxx is an original cosponsor of H.R. 359, which completely eliminates taxpayer funding for the “Presidential Election Campaign Fund.”  This fund is used to finance presidential election campaigns and party conventions.  Any money remaining in the account would be transferred to the general fund of the Treasury Department.

House Republicans highlighted this bill in their YouCut program this week.  The web-based YouCut initiative allows concerned Americans to cast their vote for various budget-cutting options and this week H.R. 359 was the top vote getter.  For more information on the YouCut program and this week’s proposed budget cuts please visit

Visit Representative Foxx’s Website

Other North Carolina Representatives who voted on this bill was:

NC1- Rep. Butterfield (nay)
NC2- Rep. Ellmers (yea)
NC3- Rep. Jones (nay)
NC4- Rep. Price (nay)
NC5- Rep. Foxx (yea)
NC6- Rep. Coble (yea)
NC7- Rep. McIntyre (nay)
NC8- Rep. Kissell (nay)
NC9- Rep. Myrick (yea)
NC10- Rep. McHenry (yea)
NC11- Rep. Shuler (yea)
NC12- Rep. Watt (nay)
NC13- Rep. Miller (nay)