STOP Agenda 21 in NC

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STOP Agenda 21 in NC

North Carolina refused to ratify the Constitution until there was a Bill of Rights to protect our freedoms, it is time for us to again stand for freedom. In the short session of the Legislature beginning on the 16th two bills will be introduced one to block Agenda 21 and the other to nullify the NDAA indefinite detention provisions.

This is were your help is needed to spread the word because 2/3 of the House will be need to approve the resolutions to bring them to the floor in the “short session” otherwise they will die in committee.The House leadership wants to wrap this session up quickly so they can get back out on the campaign trail and tell you what wonderful things they have accomplished and how they are looking out for your interest.

Well, its time to let them know that our interest include Agenda 21 and NDAA and we expect them continue the tradition laid out by the founders of our state and to stand up for our rights and for freedom.

They will not move unless we push them, so call, email and write, be courteous but be insistent, we need this done before they quit work for the year.

The Time for Action is Now, Not Tomorrow Today!

— William Kennedy, as posted in our discussion group

Rep. Glen Bradley is working on this now. Since this is a short session, the rules need to be changed so the the Agenda 21 bill can be brought to the floor. It will that 2/3 of the 120 House members to approve the resolution.

We are taking the fight right to the root, resolutions and bills are now prepared and ready for introduction on the May 12th opening of the Short Session, Stopping Agenda 21 in NC, and opposing the Indefinite Detention piece of the NDAA!

— Jacque Esslinger

SEE PREVIOUS POST with full details concerning  this topic, bill numbers, etc


Call To Action- Help Fight Agenda 21 in NC

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Call To Action- Help Fight Agenda 21 in NC

from Glen Bradley in our Facebook discussion group

“The draft bill (PDF) to demand NC noncompliance with ICLEI Agenda 21 is finished and ready for introduction, but we need your help! We can only introduce this bill in the NC State House in May if we have 2/3 approval of a resolution to suspend the rules of the Short Session and allow it to be introduced.

We need you and all your friends who care about opposing the UN ICLEI Agenda 21 to contact their House Representatives and tell them to:

Support the Joint Resolution authorizing the 2011 General Assembly to consider a bill to be entitled “An Act to provide that North Carolina shall not comply with ICLEI/Agenda 21, relative to the RIO Declaration on Environment and Development and the Statement of Principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests.

Thank you!”

Senator Burr and Agenda 21

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Senator Burr and Agenda 21

A TEA Party activist from the Crystal Coast TEA Party Patriots group emailed Senator Burr’s office and inquired where he stood on Agenda 21. Someone from his office called back, and the reply was that Senator Burr felt that there were more important issues to be concerned about, than Agenda 21. For the life of us, Senator Burr, we cannot imagine what is more important than keeping in tact the ability to have:

  • Private Property ownership
  • Single-Family homes
  • Private car ownership and individual travel choices
  • Privately owned farms

Are YOU familiar with Agenda 21? Join activist Darin in his group: Fighting Agenda 21 in NC. Maybe Senator Burr needs to take a day and catch up with the rest of us on this issue. A good place to start would be here.

The country underestimated Obama when there were concerns in the 2008 election about his socialist tendencies. Lets not underestimate the liberal left anymore, shall we?