NC-02: Jim Duncan is “testing the waters.” (It begins?)

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NC-02: Jim Duncan is “testing the waters.” (It begins?)

181477_4887315982703_432071545_nIt appears that outgoing Chatham County GOP chairman Jim Duncan is hearing the calls for change in the Second Congressional District.  He’s formed something called a ”testing the waters committee” — quite similar to the exploratory committees that you hear about in presidential races. The committee’s web site can be found at 

I talked with a source very close to Duncan who offered up some details on this development.  The committee allows money to be raised for an eventual Duncan congressional campaign, and provides a vehicle for him to communicate his views to district residents and gauge support for a potential primary campaign against incumbent Renee Ellmers. 

Duncan’s name came up in 2014 as a potential primary challenger to Ellmers.  (He bowed out of that cycle due to some private family matters.)  This latest development puts him a lot closer to pulling the trigger on a campaign for Congress than he was prior to 2014.

Duncan has quite the Horatio Alger life-story.  Born and raised in low-income housing in New York City to parents recently transplanted from South Carolina, Duncan rose to the top of a successful technology company with an international clientele.  He retired from that position to Chatham County, North Carolina, whereRenee Ellmers he and his wife currently reside.

As Chatham County GOP chairman, Jim Duncan has been credited as a major force in revitalizing that organization’s fiscal and political fortunes.  In that position, he has regularly knocked heads with Pittsboro mayor and outgoing NC Democrat Party chairman Randy Voller.

Duncan — or any primary opponent, for that matter — should have plenty of ammunition to use against Ellmers.  She has angered GOP base voters by double-crossing them on issues ranging from spending to ObamaCare, amnesty for illegal aliens, and — most recently — late term abortion.

Any GOP primary election for the 2nd district would be held in May 2016.

WS Journal Endorses Folwell for Lieutenant Governor, more

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WS Journal Endorses Folwell for Lieutenant Governor, more

Five candidates are seeking the Republican nomination, among them Forsyth’s Rep. Dale Folwell. The Journal has long admired Folwell’s practical legislative service. For most of his career, he has eschewed flamboyant issues, choosing instead to seek helpful ways of improving state government and services. His ideas range from a later start date for kindergarteners to programs to increase organ donations.

Maybe to curry favor with his party’s right wing, Folwell moved into social issues this term, and that was disturbing. Should he win his party’s nomination for lieutenant governor, we trust he will tack back to the middle. The Journal endorses Dale Folwell for the GOP’s second spot.

Three Republicans are seeking their party’s nomination to challenge Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin, a Democrat who is running uncontested in his primary. Former state Rep. Richard Morgan, the House co-speaker for two tumultuous years, was an effective legislator who led with moderately conservative stands. Morgan’s wide range of government experience would make him a viable challenger to Goodwin. The Journal endorses him for his party’s nod.

Four Republicans seek their party’s nomination to challenge Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, a Democrat who is running uncontested in her primary. Kenneth Gardner, a former Wake County commissioners’ chairman, had a strong record in the capital county. A conservative with good business sense, Gardner knew how to work across party and ideological lines to help his community. The Journal endorses Gardner for the GOP nomination.

Five Republicans seek to challenge Superintendent of Public Instruction June Atkinson, who has no challengers in the Democratic primary. Ray Martin, a Garner middle- and high-school teacher for the past 24 years who is a retired U.S. Navy veteran with almost 20 years of service, is a strong believer in public education who would well represent his party’s conservative leanings to improve, not destroy, public schools.


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NC TEA Party Endorses ….

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NC TEA Party Endorses ….

As a group, NC TEA Party endorses-
– Limited Government
– Lower Taxes
– Eliminate Wasteful Spending
– Free Markets
– Individual Responsibility

In the spirit of endorsing individual responsibility, as a group we will never endorse an individual candidate. We believe each citizen must be responsible for their own vote. Each citizen must seek out the candidates running and make up their own mind. We seek to provide information to help citizens with that decision but ultimately, that decision is an individual one. Especially considering the extremely diverse nature of the tea party as a movement.

With all that being said-

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NC House Candidate’s Company Faces Tax Questions

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NC House Candidate’s Company Faces Tax Questions

GASTONIA, N.C. — A candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives says he is working to resolve an $80,000 tax issue involving his business.

The Gaston Gazette reported ( that Gastonia Republican Dana Bumgardner said he doesn’t think the tax problems for his company should affect voters in next month’s primary.

Bumgardner says the six-year-old claim involves his business and he does not personally owe the IRS anything. He says his attorney is working to resolve the dispute.
Bumgardner is one of several candidates for the seat now held by Rep. Bill Current.

Bumgardner is one of the owners of LPM Inc., a label manufacturing company in the Gaston County town of Dallas.

The IRS filed a lien against the company in 2006.
Information from: The Gaston Gazette,

Pantano presses Rouzer on lobbying for amnesty

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Pantano presses Rouzer on lobbying for amnesty

Pantano pressed Rouzer, saying “federal documents say you’re registered as a lobbyist, say you were paid thousands of dollars to work on this bill, and the federal documents say Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Feinstein and Ted Kennedy are part of this bill.”

“This isn’t a black or white issue, but there is a path forward,” Rouzer continued. “The path forward is to take those who are working, and let them continue to work. Then its much easier to identify those who are not here for the right reasons, who are causing trouble, who are driving drunk, and deport them immediately.”

WECT’s Jon Evans continued the discussion, asking both men whether they thought the DREAMS Act is a solution to the illegal immigration issue. Both said no, with Pantano once again pressing the question raised during the attack ad.

“Illegals only represent about 14% of the agricultural space,” Pantano said. “There are folks who are taking jobs away from Americans in every sector of this country. But, the original question of where I launched the criticism of my opponent is this: It’s not a conservative position to be paid to do something that is antithetical to the conservative value. That’s the question that I asked, and I’m not sure we’ve ever gotten an answer to.”

Watch the video of the debate here.