About us

Welcome to the NC Tea Party’s re -designed website. We are constantly upgrading and adding new features as time and money permits. If you wish to buy a NC Tea Party t-shirt, or make a donation please visit our store. Donations and Purchases help fund ongoing projects, events, and website maintenance. (One specific project we are trying to raise funds for is a documentary regarding proposed fishing legislation and how it will affect anyone who likes to eat seafood. Read more!)

The Tea Party movement can be summarized as a grassroots effort to advocate the following tenets:

– Limited Government
– Lower Taxes
– Eliminate Wasteful Spending
– Free Markets
– Individual Responsibility

We are a group of concerned NC citizens who are dedicated to America’s founding principles of individual responsibility, limited government and free market economics, in other words–life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are all volunteers and our group receives no funding.
We believe in reducing wasteful government spending, lowering taxes and promoting free markets.
Our purpose is to provide a voice for everyday citizens as well as a platform to coordinate our efforts and disseminate news on proposed legislation.
Get involved. Write, email and call your legislators (See Rep. Page). Sign petitions and come to NC Tea party events. Educate yourself and speak to your friends and neighbors. Together we have a voice that will be heard in Washington!

We are currently looking for people in each county of our great state that are willing to make a difference on the local level- the ultimate grassroots effort. Information about races involving EACH COUNTY is needed for the tea party movement to be a success in 2012. Interested? Email us.

Our Mailing address:
5365 Robinhood Road
Suite A #113
Mount Tabor, NC 27106

* Note this is only our mailing address,we do not have a physical office.