Group: Dixie Classic Fair needs a new name because ‘Dixie’ is associated with slavery in the South

April 11th, 2019 by wpitghost Categories: News No Responses

Less than a month after the city of Winston-Salem took down the Confederate statue downtown, a group is calling on the city to take the word “Dixie” out of the name of the Dixie Classic Fair.

Several speakers told members of the Winston-Salem City Council on Tuesday that the name Dixie is offensive because of its association with slavery in the South and that the fair needs a new name.

“Dixie does represent the Southern states that fought to hold on to slavery,” said Bishop Sir Walter Mack Jr., the pastor of Union Baptist Church. Mack said that in 1988 he did research on the name “Dixie,” and he has not been to the fair since that time. Read More…