14 Questions for 2014 Series Kicks off with Greg Brannon

October 7th, 2013 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 6 Responses

NC Tea Party is pleased to announce a new video series where we provide you, the voter, with the best information available to prepare you for the all-important 2014 elections. Entitled “14 for ’14,” NC Tea Party will be asking 14 questions of every candidate we can in the races that are most important.
And what race could be more important to North Carolinians next year than the US Senate seat currently held by Democrat Kay Hagen? That’s why we are pleased to kick off this exciting campaign with the first person to announce his desire to unseat the liberal Hagen: Dr. Greg Brannon.

Dr. Brannon is an OB/GYN from Cary, NC who bills himself as a strict Constitutional Conservative. Dr. Brannon spoke freely about his love of country, what’s wrong in Washington, and how to fix it across the 14 questions, covering topics like Obamacare, Syria, Welfare, and much, much more.

Watch Dr. Brannon’s interview by clicking here or on the picture above:

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow, It’s seems like Shawn seems intelligent and does pay attention but, man you couldn’t be more wrong. Claiming that the Tea Party are willing to injury international economics, yet you say nothing about this current administration that has doubled our national debt. You might want to look back in history and see how our founders paid off our national debt from the war before you claim the tea party members are terrorist. Our founding father had radicals such as Pelosi and Reid they had to fight with to get things done in Congress but I think you know the truth, but have trouble admitting it to yourself that the tea party is the only party blocking this tyrannical administration running this country off a cliff.

  2. P J says:

    (1) The language used in the Lemmond post was inflammatory: extremists, jihadists; suicide vests, political war. Such language does nothing to further discourse with those who hold the views shared by the Tea Party.
    (2)Tea Party members within the Republican Congressional caucus were duly elected by their constituents as part of the democratic process. This group of voters should have their voice in Congress.
    (3)Obamacare is the law of the land — and, yet, Obama is granting waivers and delays at will. Thus, Obama is “altering” the law enacted by Congress.
    (4) Obama, the Democrats, and non-Tea Party Republicans would also be guilty of “intentionally damaging the global economy for any issue.” It was within their power come to the negotiating table and avert the crisis.
    (5) An increasingly larger portion of revenue is required to service the interest on the debt as well as the principle balance. The rising national debt is unsustainable and will damage the U.S. and the global economy. Such damage will be attributed to Obama, the Democrats, and the non-Tea Party Republicans.

  3. Shawn Lemmond says:

    As an economist and former Republican legislator from Mecklenburg, I am mortified by the Tea Party extremists within the Republican congressional caucus. Adopting the methods of jihadist, when unable to prevail through normal methods, they are willing to inflect harm on their own society if their demands are not met. Calling it “negotiations”, they insist on dominance or they will detonate an economic bomb on our nation.
    When concessions are rooted in one side’s brutal willingness to inflict collective harm on the public it is called extortion, not negotiation. Therefore there can be no “negotiation” with the Tea Party and their economic suicide vest. To do so would empower them to subjugate the nation to their agenda and functionally abdicate our democracy for Tea Party tyranny. As John F. Kennedy once said, ‘Let us never fear to negotiate, but we shall never negotiate out of fear.’ Jesse Helms nor Regan would have ever dreamed our party would be intentionally damaging the global economy for any issue.
    Regardless of my opinion on it, Obamacare is the law of the land; approved by Congress and vetted by a conservative majority Supreme Court. If it is to be altered, it is up to the electorate to elect a majority, not a Tea Party segment of the Republican Party willing to cripple our nation rather than accept a law they do not have the votes to overturn. Such despotic behavior cost us any chance in future elections and betrays both the ideals of our Founding Fathers and the Republican Party that once inspired me; and their ruthless disregard for the public’s welfare dispels any illusions over their fitness to govern.
    Consider this my resignation from the GOP and my declaration of political war on the “T” for “terrorist” party.

    • Doug says:

      Spoken like a loyal demokrat Shawn.

    • Dean says:

      As a worker that pays lots of taxes and wants a free market economy, I would like to know why the Republicans keep playing checkers when the Democrats are playing chess? The Republicans have capitulated at every Democrat demand for the past five years. The Tea Party has stood up as the new Republicans when they should be the New Party. It is time for an economic strategy that puts this nation back to work not the same old Republican cowardice. Stop talking jobs bills and start talking production bills. Reduce the trade defecit through creative business trade agreements.
      Stop giving away billions to countries that hate us when their is a growing national debt.
      Stop playing the dunce with health care. Medi Care, Mediacaid, TriCare, and the VA should be turned over to private insurance. A private insurer with a mandated profit margin cap would not allow 80 billion dollars in fraud every year. Insurance should be allowed to compete nationwide. Look at Switzerland if the concept confusing.
      And, please simplify the tax code. Seventythousand pages is beyond absurd. A simple 10/10/10 would go a long way. High taxes on business hinders foreign competitiveness and is passed onto the US consumer. Income tax should affect everyone not just the producers. Everyone has a stake in this game called a society. No one is owed a free ride. A 10% value added tax would pick up the non-producers paying their part and should be adjusted everytime we decide to go to war. Then everyone feels the pain, not just the troops in the field and the rich with higher taxes.
      If you need a new candidate call me.
      LtCol Dean “Blue” Maynard (Ret)

  4. Frank says:

    This man is the real deal. Not only could we learn a lot from him, D.C. could too. He is incredible