14 Questions for 2014 Series Continues with Heather Grant

October 21st, 2013 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Interesting, Featured One Response

NC Tea Party is pleased to continue their new video series where we provide you, the voter, with the best information available to prepare you for the all-important 2014 elections. Entitled “14 for ’14,” NC Tea Party will be asking 14 questions of every candidate we can in the races that are most important.

And what race could be more important to North Carolinians next year than the US Senate seat currently held by Democrat Kay Hagen? Heather Grant from Wilkes County who bills herself as a strict Constitutional Conservative spoke freely about her love of country, what’s wrong in Washington, and how to fix it across the 14 questions, covering topics like Obamacare, Syria, Welfare, and much, much more.uk pirate ship bounce

Heather Grant is a Nurse Practitioner, and a Constitutional Conservative who served on active duty with the United States Army Nurse Corps until September 28, 2012. 

Heather shares details of her family and military life, discusses the 2nd amendment, and explains why she is the right candidate to represent NC in the US Senate. Watch, learn, and enjoy this second 14 for ’14 interview with Heather Grant.

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