The Buffett Rule: Just a Gimmick

April 12th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Interesting, Featured, Economy, Jobs, Other Videos One Response

The Buffett Rule, a proposed tax hike on hardworking Americans, would only further complicate our tax structure and do nothing to reduce our rising deficits. In fact, if enacted, it would only reduce our annual deficit of $1.2 trillion by less than half of 1%. It’s time for real solutions–not pointless tax hikes. House Republicans are committed to cutting spending and instilling meaningful, pro-growth tax reform.

  1. Robert H. Hayes says:

    I always claim to be a Christian, Patriot, Conservative that has been registered as a Republican since the age 21 (1966). Your above statement that the Buffett Rule is Just a Gimmick sounds like the same old rhetoric from the “me-too” moderate Republican Washington leadership. I suggest that you read H.M.Hervey’s “New Payroll Tax Deal Another GOP Betrayal” Shame on you, Congress! Shame on you, Obama! Double shame on you, GOP! It should be clear to all Americans..again..that the two-party system is a corrupt dead fish rotting from head down”. Where is the Tea Party when we need them? AS FOR THE BUFFETT RULE—-I DON’T THINK THE PURPOSE OF THE BUFFETT RULE IS TO ONLY REDUCE OUR ANNUAL DEFICIENT. I SUPPOSE YOU NEVER HEARD EVERY EPIC JOURNEY BEGINS WITH THE FIRST SMALL STEP.