NC TEA Party Endorses ….

April 16th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 2 Responses

As a group, NC TEA Party endorses-
– Limited Government
– Lower Taxes
– Eliminate Wasteful Spending
– Free Markets
– Individual Responsibility

In the spirit of endorsing individual responsibility, as a group we will never endorse an individual candidate. We believe each citizen must be responsible for their own vote. Each citizen must seek out the candidates running and make up their own mind. We seek to provide information to help citizens with that decision but ultimately, that decision is an individual one. Especially considering the extremely diverse nature of the tea party as a movement.

With all that being said-

Who are you looking to personally endorse for the NC Council of State positions come May 8th? Take our survey-

Not very sure? Check out the video coverage from our council of state debate in March here.

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  1. Annie Blanton says:

    could you please tell me who are the conservative candidates on the ticket wil be this fall for judges and everything.

  2. Beverley Cross says:

    with the many candidates running for multiple positions, even after reading bios and statements on intent (for instance, for Lieutenant governor) I would like further information about their endorsements, etc. Who is Pat McCrory endorsing, if anyone? I’m not too current with the political scene, having just recovered (somewhat) from the throes of relocating from Raleigh.