Question #1 for NCGA Candidates

March 2nd, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

A NC resident asked the question:

“”Save the Cape has asked legislators to take a pledge to protect taxpayers from any more funding for the $6.1 billion megaport, planned for Southport. There is no economic case to be made for this massive, colossal, mind boggling boondoggle and I for one would sure like to know where each and every candidate stands on this. So far, only 8 legislators in the General Assembly have taken the pledge to show fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of NC.”

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  1. Good morning. If elected would you support nullification of sections of legislation that your citizens find offensive? Recent example Virginia politicians nullifying sections of the national defense authorization act and Montana attempting to circumvent citizens united vs Fec. Thanks have a good ol Carolina weekend
    Hendrick Cole ncdistrict 1