Greene vs Starnes for NC House 87 (Caldwell County)

March 30th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

From Jordan Greene’s website:

“Yes, we need conservative leadership in Raleigh to work to restore North Carolina’s respect for freedom and the individual. However, we need more than conservatives, we need conservatives who will stand by the constitution and the principles of individual liberty. We need leadership that will work to restore free-market principles to help produce a business friendly environment for job growth in our state, including less spending, no new taxes, no corporate welfare and less business regulations. We need leadership in Raleigh that will stand up for our state’s rights under the tenth amendment to the United States Constitution and work to protect our gun rights from federal encroachment, nullify Obamacare and defend the unborn child’s right to life.”

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From Edgar Starnes’ website:

“I am committed to giving the hard working, taxpaying citizens of this district the conservative leadership they have come to expect and deserve. I have long been interested in the economic and spiritual well being of our citizens and my voting record reflects this concern. … This coming session of the General Assembly will be critical to the people of Caldwell County. My number one priority will be jobs. We must aggressively pursue jobs so people can go back to work. It is imperative that North Carolina adopt an economic growth policy that benefits each of us.”

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