Who Is Policing the Food Police?

February 23rd, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

I saw this article concerning “Nugget-Gate” and thought, if more people would just realize this, the better off this county would be. The highlights, (in an effort to respect your time):

“Furthermore, it is admirable that the Division of Child Development and Early Education at the Department of Health and Human Services has rules requiring all pre-K programs serve nutritious meals according to USDA standards — but those guidelines and suggestions should end where the role of the parent begins.

It is as if some of those in leadership genuinely believe they know better than we do what is best for our kids. They don’t. With that in mind, it is reasonable to assume that USDA-recommended lunches served by schools may or may not be healthy — simply because officials haven’t a clue what kids consume before and after school. Giving a child a school meal that was designed as a prototypical meal for the general population could, in reality, be a recipe for obesity based on an individual’s overall eating habits.

Inspector Tubby’s actions should serve to remind us how well-meaning rules or guidelines become grotesquely out-of-whack when the government sees fit to meddle in matters deemed personal. What was meant to help us hurts us when the government casts out a rule “for the greater good” and individuals get swallowed-up in the process.”

I agree with this 100%. To take it further, some people have specific personal guidelines they eat by, that do not mesh with the USDA. What happens the day a state inspector/agent comes by, and a child is given something to eat that does not agree with the family’s personal eating habits– and the child ends up sick as a result of that? The government has already taken steps to intimidate people who are concerned where their food comes from, with the new term “food terrorists“. Can we be sure that families will not be singled out by not allowing their children to eat exactly the way the state says they should, based on these new rules? Will parents and children be required to undergo psychological evaluations to be diagnosed with “orthorexia nervosa” = healthy eating disorder, if they push the envelope?

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