Paul Wright (R) files for NC Governor

February 24th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

Paul Wright files for Governor.
Gives Speech in Raleigh.

Feb. 24 (Raleigh) Paul Wright filed this morning with the State Board of Elections as a candidate for governor. With members of his family nearby, Wright delivered a brief speech in front of the Dobbs Building on the Square. In his remarks, the former Superior Court judge stated that Congress has failed the middle class and continues to place burdens on them with no relief in sight. Wright indicated that unless Congress reverses its course, action must be taken locally in North Carolina to “empower the middle class” who face more impoverishment economically and the continued demise of their political and constitutional rights.

To empower the middle class in North Carolina, Wright proposed three courses of action.

First, more resistance to ObamaCare, including a constitutional amendment similiar to the one adopted by Ohio voters last November. Secondly, that voters on a county by county basis be given the option of exchanging property tax on their homes to another form of tax. In this regard, Wright pointed to the state of North Dakota whose citizens vote June 12 on whether to abolish of their their state’s real property tax. And finally, Wright proposed a tax relief be given to parents with school children by way of a deduction for educational expenses to families with children in all schools, public, private or home, similiar to a new law in Lousiana signed last year by Governor Jindall.

Wright ,who lives in Wayne County near Mt Olive, will be running in the May 8th Republican primary. He plans to announce and speak also in Greensboro in this afternoon.


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