Letter to Congressman Jones and Senator Burr

February 16th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Hot Topics, US NC Congress Watch, US NC Senate Watch, around the nation No Responses

President Obama has asked the defense Dept to reduce our Nuclear weapon stockpile by 80%. That would take our current level per our treaty with Russia (who by the way have threatened to walk away from our agreement on numerous occasion) from 2550 to 510. Pakistan has 300. Russia has 4550. The President took an oath to protect and defend this country. He is bound to do so by the U. S. Constitution. So far, each time the President has flaunted the Constitution (e.g. recess appointment while Congress is in session) our Congress has stood by and done nothing! It is way past time for Congress to act. What will it take for you to act?

Kenneth Lang


from the Crystal Coast Tea Party