Jeffrey Elmore for NC House, District 94

February 26th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

Jeffrey Elmore for NC House Campaign Website not available at this time

  1. Mitzi Combs says:

    Could you please pass this onto Jeffrey Elmore. I couln’t find an email address for him.

    Could you please address where you stand on my biggest concerns below:
    1. People with pre-existing conditions not being turned down for health insurance.
    2. What are you going to do about bringing all the jobs that have been sent overseas back to the United States especially the ones in India.
    3. Everyone in our county of Wilkes in NC that is sentenced is getting supervised probation and not having to serve any time. No wonder the breaking and entering and the drugs is so bad in our county. What can be done about stiffer pennalties?
    4. Where do you stand on animal rights? Especially getting rid of the puppy mills?