Meet Michael Shaffer, Candidate for US NC 9th District

January 28th, 2012 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 5 Responses

Recently candidate Michael Shaffer come by our discussion group to introduce himself. Currently members of the group are asking him questions concerning his views. Why not join the conversation and ask him something that concerns you, as a citizen of North Carolina? The 9th district covers portions of Gaston, Union, and Mecklenburg counties, but it is well known that views of representatives are important to all residents of the state. This district is currently being served by Republican Sue Myrick.

  1. Good Morning America. With the recent announcement by Sue Myrick, many republicans will enter the race when before they thought the status quo was ok. We have the opportunity to make a bold statement to the Establishment. We have an opportunity to elect someone who is not a politician, but an American who believes in freedom. A person who does not believe in backroom deals, but openess and transparency. A person who believe that the Military is to defend the country not imprison its citizens. A person that believes the United States is a soveriegn nation and needs not look to the United Nations for approval of its actions. A person who will not reach across the isle except to save one of the poor foolish individuals lost to liberialism and socialism. A person who will say NO to Tax Increase. A person who will say it is time to DECREASE spending. A person who says it is time our Tax system becomes fair for ALL citizens.

    I am that Candidate. My name is Michael Shaffer and I am running for the NC 9th Congressional District. I am a conservative American, I am a conservative Republican. I am a Retired Marine.. I have taken the oath to protect and defend the Constitution on several occassion and still honor that oath.

    If conservatives want to take back this country and Return the Power to the People, then I am your Candidate. Now I need your help. If you believe we can turn America around and take it back from the Liberials, Socialist and entrenched Politicians, then please send me your contributions. You can visit my website at and contribute or send it to:

    Committee to Elect Michael Shaffer for Congress
    P.O. Box 959
    Paw Creek, NC 28130

    Send whatever you can. Large donations or small, they all add up. This is your election, this is an investment in your future. I ask that you invest in me.

    Semper Fi,

    Michael Shaffer

  2. […] Other possible GOP candidates include Dan Barry, mayor pro tem of Weddington, former state Sen. Robert Pittenger of Charlotte and Charlotte City Council member Andy Dulin. [read full article] Add to the list above is Michael Shaffer, who we introduced to you last week here. […]

  3. Harold Vanderboegh says:

    The FairTax, HR-25, will be the greatest stimulus to the economy ever seen. Why? Because every American will be untaxed up to the poverty level, which means they will have more money in their pocket. All federal taxes will be eliminated (income tax, payroll tax, business tax, inheritance tax etc..) Instead of only 30% of Americans paying tax, everyone that buys products in the store will contribute to the tax coffer. Today, we pay 7.65% payroll tax, and we pay the business tax in the cost of the product being made, which averages 20% of the cost of the product. Add to that the minimum income tax bracket of 10%, and we are paying 37.65%. The FairTax will be a national sales tax at the rate of 23 cents for every dollar spent. education and investment is not taxed. Go to for all the details.

  4. Do you support the FairTax Act (HR-25)?

    • Yes I do support the FairTax Plan. This plan would give the Nations economy such a boost. It would repatriate Jobs and Money invested outside of the United States. I have found that the people who oppose it have not read the book or visited the website to research what it is about. Yet they choose to challenge the plan by citing various computer runs that show the rich getting richer. I tell them that in order for me to have an intelligent discussion with them they need to first be educated as to what the FairTax Plan is and who it will impact.