Food Stamps & Lobster Courtesy of YOU!

July 26th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 10 Responses

This story has been around since May but we find it very appropriate given the current subject matter going on in DC. This is why the Tea Party will NOT BUDGE on debt talks. This  February 2011 grocery receipt allegedly found in the parking lot of Angeli’s County Market (in the town of Menominee, Michigan) for six lobsters and two porterhouse steaks… Read the rest of the story here.

Click here to find out how to apply for a bridge card, the card used to buy this.

Here is a copy of the receipt:

  1. Frank Livingston says:

    When the Constitution was debated many of the Founders did not want Federal government involved in our daily lives and this was limited by Article 1, section 8 however, over the years presidents from both parties, including Congress, have passed unconstitutional laws. Our Supreme Court has also violated the Constitution on numerous occasions by changing the meaning of many passages. One3 example is the 1st amendment and religion. Where in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights do we find the words, “separation of church and state?”

    We would not be in debt if we followed the constitution. Where in the Constitution do I find the authority for social security, Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIPs, food stamps, Section 8 housing, and other socialist, communist, Marxist programs initiated by FDR, LBJ, Carter, Kennedy, Clinton, Bush, and Obama to name a few?
    Europe is burning and anyone with half a brain can see we are headed to socialism and if it does not stop, we will be destroyed.

  2. Sara says:

    It’s all well and good to say ‘get rid of the entitlement programs’….however there are some out there who are truly disabled and need food stamps and whatever else they can get. There are also those who don’t abuse the system, but will try to get off the programs as soon as they can….don’t mind helping these people…..It’s the abusers that need to be stopped.

  3. Ann branigan says:

    How much did the tea party pay to have food stamp recipient purchase those lobsters… You should be ashamed of yourselves. I would love to look into the purchasing habits of the tea party sitting in washington receiving a salary i paid via taxes and what benefits they are receiving from lobbyists.

    How do you look yourselves in the mirror thinking you actually should keep food from children and the elderly in need of support. I pay my taxes and am happy to lend a hand to those who need food.

    Congress needs a pay cut across the board and let them suffer a bit…. Congress should go and buy their own help insurance.that will reduce costs. They make plenty of money

    They can afford it

    • admin says:

      What exactly are you trying to say in your post? Truly, you make no sense. Try to think through what you want to say and then re-post.

    • Sara says:

      YOU may not believe it, but I watched Judge Judy today, 8/5/2011, and with our tax dollars, (Your’s and Mine), someone recieving disability from our wonderful government, used the disability payments to buy 2 Blackberry’s. One for his sister and one for himself.
      He also $300.00 tickets to see baseball games and hockey games.
      Somehow….I believe the lobster story….there’s a lot of people out there laughing at us, using our hard earned money to enjoy the best that life has to offer. I myself, can’t afford the tickets or the Blackberry….I’m subsisting on Social Security…my husband and I worked and saved all our lives only to see it all disappear when Obama came into office….but BIG BUSINESS made out like a bandit…..all kinds of givaways there!

    • Ann branigan says:

      What does not make sense to you admin…. Clearly you have used this lobster receipt to have people reading nc tea party website that all recipients of public assistance live better than most. Stop the bs. The fact that you take one example of misuse or doctored receipts to encourage pulling benefits for those in need is your agenda.

      There are plenty of abuses in the system and start from the top down with abuse of benefits Start with what politicians receive from lobbyists to get their agenda on the next bill.

      I personally don’t have time to watch judge Judy I am too busy working supporting my family. Obama didn’t take my money the stock market took care of that in the bush years.

      As for the moderator, you don’t have the right skill set for this position. You are unprofessional and lack the skill to be objective. An intern perhaps.

    • eagle275 says:

      Ann, perhaps you should click on the link that was supplied to you that shows verification & proof, or can you not handle the truth?

      I have pasted the link for you to read. Will not take long to read.

  4. R Gough says:

    Just another fine example of fraud and abuse. Food stamps are a needed program as are most entitlements. The true factor here is stopping abuse. Food stamps and disability are the two big offenders. There are more fakers on disability than true disabled. That is a damn shame. But we have encouraged this with our public education and socialization. Don’t just top the fraud’s check…..put them in jail.

  5. scott hicks says:

    do not budge.totally agree to get rid of all food stamp programs.

    • James B. says:

      I totally agree that Food Stamps are part of the spending problem and are abused (as far as who applies/receives them) I disagree that we should get rid of them completely. These are some of the few “benefits” that actually can only be spent on certain things. People who are TRULY disabled, I have no problem with them receiving financial help. Lump this in with disability benefits and make SURE the applicant is actually disabled and I have no problem. Otherwise, if you can’t HONESTLY/REALISTICALLY prove you’re disabled then, as an “ABLE” person, you need to get off your butt and earn some sort of living.