Herman Cain in 2012?

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Herman Cain in 2012?

Herman Cain Talks Common Sense at the Des Moines Tea Party Rally. He touches on his thoughts concerning abortion, the job President Obama is doing, the direction of our country and the upcoming conclusion of his Presidential Exploratory Committee …

Are you a Herman Cain supporter? What are your thoughts?

The race for NCGOP Chairman is on

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House Speaker Thom Tillis Endorses Chairman Robin Hayes’s Re-election

Says GOP Chief Has Outstanding Vision, Unifying Leadership
Representative Thom Tillis, Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, endorsed Robin Hayes for NCGOP Chairman today.  Tillis, who this year became only the second Republican Speaker since the nineteenth century, was effusive in his praise for Chairman Hayes.  “Robin Hayes is an outstanding North Carolinian and we are fortunate to have a leader of his caliber as our Republican State Chairman,” Tillis said.  “Chairman Hayes has the vision we need to build an unstoppable political organization which can defeat the Obama-Perdue Machine in 2012.  On a personal note, I appreciate the role Robin has played in helping unifying the Republican Party because we must work closely together in order to be successful.”

Chairman Hayes expressed his gratitude for Tillis’s endorsement.  “Speaker Tillis is doing an outstanding job of using our conservative governing philosophy to reform state government,” Hayes said.  “The North Carolina House is more efficient and more responsive than ever under the Speaker’s leadership and I am proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with him as we prepare for the 2012 elections.  I appreciate Speaker Tillis’s support.”

The Hayes campaign continues to gain support across North Carolina.  Chairman Hayes continues to travel to all corners of the state as he articulates his vision of an improved NCGOP grassroots organization and well-funded campaign operation in 2012.”


What are your thoughts on this race?

UPDATE-Voter ID requirement passes Senate

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UPDATE-Voter ID requirement passes Senate

Over protests that they would effectively disenfranchise thousands of voters, the state Senate Wednesday night passed a bill that would require voters to show a photo ID.

The bill passed along party lines 31-19. It now goes back to the House for agreement on minor changes.

Meanwhile a House committee passed a bill that includes sweeping changes in election law, including eliminating Sunday early voting and same-day registration.

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The Wilmington StarNews Online is reporting that Republicans are wilting on a voter ID law under pressure from Democrats and the Legislative Black Caucus who say the current bill as written would discourage blacks, students and the elderly from voting. Under the new bill—which is still in draft stage—voters will be able to present one of seven photo identification cards or their non-photo voter registration card.

The way the voter registration card would work would be by comparing the signature at the polls with the signature on the original voter registration form. These signatures would be scanned from the official document and two poll workers would have to agree that the signatures match. If one or both workers think the signatures do not match, then the person will still be allowed to vote a provisional ballot.

What are the problems here? Let me count the ways. Seeing as how the majority of poll workers are liberal Democrats, I doubt many people will be turned down for voting. Also, what will it cost the state to not only scan and store these signatures, but to train poll workers to compare signatures? Considering that handwriting analysis is widely questioned for its accuracy, how to we expect lay people to be good and fair judges?

All of these problems can be solved with a simple photo identification card. No special training is required, and no additional cost to the state is required unless we choose to help individuals obtain photo identification cards. Call your representative and senator today and tell them we want photo identification ALONE for voter ID.