Mike McIntyre (NC7) Says, “We Need To Repeal NAFTA!”

February 18th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 4 Responses

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Mike McIntyre has introduced legislation to repeal the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Congressman McIntyre stated, “NAFTA has done way too much damage, and we need to repeal it!  NAFTA has cost too many jobs, eroded our industrial base, and decimated towns and communities.  Enough is enough – we need to focus on creating jobs right here in the United States – not in foreign countries!”

NAFTA and similar trade agreements have resulted in a 29% decline in U.S. manufacturing employment since 1993.  Congressman McIntyre is supporting a “Make it in America” plan that will help bring back our manufacturing base and create jobs right here at home.

  1. Harold R Coffee says:

    Thank you, Thank you, thank you, Its about time that someone is addressing this issue. This is the worst legistration that has ever been passed. It robbed America of millions of jobs. It is a must to get our country back into the manufacturing business and quality that we all desirve.

  2. R. Gough says:

    NAFTA should never have been passed. Bill Clinton signed it into law. Daddy Bush supported it and was going to sign it if re-elected in 1992. The fact is NAFTA will never be repealed. It was pushed by the corporate power brokers to enhance the personal profits. They prospered and the middle class suffered with job losses. George W. Bush called the loss of jobs to other countries outsourcing and gave that ridiculous chuckle of his. Obama will not repeal it nor will the next president. Why? Because we have not and probably will not ever have a president or congress that will stand up to corporate thugs that have caused our nations financial problems.

  3. Mary Karen Carter says:

    Here, here!! I am very glad someone in congress is concerned about NAFTA. We also need to address the need for import taxes to help make our American made products competitive!!

    • Brian Mountcastle says:

      Thank you Congressman McIntyre for addressing a real issue! The statistics regarding the negative impact NAFTA has had on our Country speaks for itself. Simply look at the economic losses in the Textile and Furniture Industries that our state has seen since 1993. We must get industry and manufacturing jobs back in the United States.