Did Charlotte Sell NC Short To Get The DNCC?

February 9th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

What many North Carolinians are about to find out real soon is this: If you want to play with the Chicago Democrats, y’all are going to have to play by their rules and be expected to pay a hefty price for them too. This includes their union rules.

In fact, just as Charlotte’s Democrat Mayor Foxx could have told Michelle Obama, if you want good barbecue in Charlotte, you’ve got to truck it in—So too are North Carolinians about to learn that Democrats want unions at the DNC’s 2012 convention. And, in order to entice them to support the DNC Convention going to non-union North Carolina, there may have been a little Chicago-style side deal going on to bring unions in from out of state.

Oh yeah. You didn’t think just because unions are fighting turf wars with each other in the three other states, they were going to let Charlotte get off completely union-free, did you?

The Devil in the Details.

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