Westboro Church To Picket 9 Year Old’s Funeral

January 11th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

The evil Westboro Church is planning on picketing the funeral of 9 year old Christina Green this Thursday. I am glad others have taken the initiative to provide a barrier between the loved ones and the hate filled group.

From Fox News:

“But when the church announced it would picket the funeral Thursday for the 9-year-old girl fatally shot over the weekend at a Tucson grocery store by a gunman who allegedly killed five others and injured 14 others attending a town-hall session by Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Tucson- and Phoenix-area residents started organizing immediately.

They may not be able to stop them, but they plan on giving the grieving family as much of a buffer as possible between the protesters and the service.”

I’m also glad to see Arizona lawmakers acting swiftly to do what they can to alleviate this situation, by drafting legislation that would require the protesters to stay 300 feet away from the funeral. I believe that is a better solution than the suggestion being made in Maine.

The Tuscon TEA Party had a message on their website:
We are incredibly saddened by the evil and atrocious violence that
was inflicted on our community this morning. The shooting of
Representative Gabrielle Giffords and other innocent people is not
to be condoned.
Our prayers go out to Representative Giffords and all of the people who were
injured or lost today.  Our hope is that as a community we can heal and help
those who were hurt by this terrible tragedy.
The Tucson Tea Party