Reading of the Constitution

January 6th, 2011 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives One Response

Today was the first time in history that the Constitution was read in Congress. The TEA Party movement, I believe, had a lot to do with the decision to do this, for this particular Congress. If it was not for the movement, a great number of people would not have had the conversations with friends and loved ones about the state of our country, and the necessity of performing one’s civic duty by voting. If it were not for the grassroots activists getting involved for the first time, it is very possible that the U.S. House of Representatives would not have been overturned to a Conservative majority, and the North Carolina Legislature would not have been overturned to a Conservative majority for the first time in 100 years.

I believe that a large number of freshmen GOP congressmen would admit to owing their elections to the TEA Party movement and new grassroots activists. That being said, I believe the reading of the Constitution today is a show of commitment to the values we hold dear; a show of respect for our country, and maybe even a token of thanks to those who worked hard to get them where they are today. There is indeed a renewed interest in the Constitution in our country, and that is not something that should be ashamed of. If anything, it should be commended that citizens of this country are turning back to the foundation in which this country was founded on. However, this is not the case.

We have allowed liberal progressives, inch by inch, to bring our country further and further away from the honest, well meaning, hard working society our founders intended us to be. We must all be willing to admit this, and in admitting this acknowledge that the ills of our country is not going to be cured with the 2010 election, ad truly, not even the 2012 election. The problems our country faces has been in the making for decades, and we cannot allow ourselves to be so foolish as to think it can be undone in less than one decade. Meanwhile, we must persevere in this quest to bring our country, our culture, our society, back to a place where hard work is respected, class envy shunned, freedom and individual responsibility is increased, and the role of government in our lives is decreased.

One example of our foolish our society has become, is the buzz that the GOP was trying to “hide the progressive nature of our Constitution”. We must always be on guard for buzz phrases such as this one. There is nothing progressive about our Constitution as most politicos believe it defined. Liberals wasted precious oxygen today talking about how the GOP wanted to hide the existence of slavery and the day when women were not allowed to vote in our history, because the reading was intended to be in it’s current state, where women CAN vote, where slavery does NOT exist. Why would they want to point out these issues? Do you think it could be because our society is so ignorant to historical facts that most people think the Democrats freed the slaves, and it was the Republicans lynching black (AND white!) Democrats  by way of the KKK? Why sure. It’s convenient to leave people in ignorant bliss and unknowing of the full facts and truths of the matter.

In this day and age when a United States Citizen actually says “Do you think this Constitution-loving is getting out of hand?…”, we must recognize our problem for what it is. There are people here who do not like our country for the purpose of its founding, which is freedom. They want selective freedom, for some, but not all- and they *will do whatever they need to usurp the God given rights we have as Americans. We must always be on guard, educated on the issues, and not be afraid to have conversations with people about the state of our country. We must be respectful of others, even when we disagree with them. (A good example of what NOT to do would be outbursts during the reading of our Constitution today by someone in the public gallery!!) There must be a revival of the belief in American Exceptionalism in our country. We must return to the day when the majority of the citizens in this country believes in the principles this country was founded upon, and is not afraid to show it through civic engagement, not just on election day, but throughout the way through interaction with their representatives on all levels.

  1. Roy Gough says:

    When I hear people say things like this constitution loving is out of hand or the constitution is meaningless now I can only think of one thing. Treason! I once took an oath to protect and defend that piece of paper and the freedom it brings. Enemies of the constitution have committed treason as far as I am concerned. Also I would like to hear their screams if they are ever arrested by the police with the constitution being there for their protection. The highly intellectual libs are some of the biggest idots in the world. They suffer from the most extreme case of tunnel vision I have seen. The key to change rest with us. The people who care must put a stop to this tyranny. We have allowed them to water down our education system….of course that is embedded in Marxism….dumb down the masses and you can control them. I want my Grandson and his children to know the freedom of the real America. This will not happen unless WE carry the fight now. We must stay focused…..we must move in mass…..we must plan careful strategy and be prepared for their insurgent tactics and counter them on every front. Anything less than total victory is not acceptable. We are responsible for the future. Are we going to let this pass by? It is a big challenge, but freedom is in it’s hour of maximum danger and we must fight to defend it!