HB11: No Postsecondary Education/Illegal Aliens

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NC House Representative George Cleveland (District 14, Onslow County) introduced a bill Thursday that would prohibit illegal aliens from attending North Carolina’s community college and universities. (This bill is on the calendar Monday, January 31.) You might remember the state community colleges board voting last year to admit illegal immigrants to classrooms if they graduated from a U.S. high school, pay out-of-state tuition and did not displace a citizen. This bill would reverse that.  Read the entire bill for yourself. All one and almost-a- half pages of it.

So there’s a large debate surrounding this topic. Opponents of this bill would say it’s not fair for students who had no say so in to their legal status because it is their parents who made the decision to emigrate here illegally and put them in our school system. What do you believe is the best way to solve that issue?


– Wendy
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Be sure to shoot Representative Cleveland an email thanking him for introducing this bill at George.Cleveland@ncleg.net!

Co Sponsors of this bill are: L. Brown;  Current;  Frye;  Guice;  Hager;  Iler;  Ingle;  JonesJordan;  Langdon;  McGee;

Sanderson;  Torbett;

  1. Jerry says:

    HB11-The bill would prohibit illegal aliens from attending North Carolina’s community college and universities.


    It was sent to the education committee and was not allowed to be heard by the leadership and most likely will never be heard from again. If the RINGOS and LIBERALS have their way.They want the Mexican vote

    Be sure to send Representative Cleveland an email thanking him for introducing NOTHING.


  2. Victor says:

    HB11 is nothing but a mean spirited reaction to a problem that has not been addressed. Many of these students came when they were small and did not have the age of reason to understand that they are breaking the law. Imagine if I made you responsible for slavery and ask to compensate the millions of victims? Yeah right, I bet you will say I had nothing to do with it! Why should I pay?
    Why make it more difficult for these young men and women to pay in-state tuition when they are motivated to get a college education. Would you prefer have them cut your grass, serve your meals and build your houses and continue to support your social security so that you can get your monthly check. Or would you rather pay higher taxes so that when social security runs out, you might get what you contributed. Scary, don’t you think? It goes to say, you rather cut your nose to spike your face. Think rationally not with your anger and mean spirited attitude. Does it make you feel good to keep these masses your new slaves for your plantation?

  3. Brian Mountcastle says:

    I am glad to see a proposed bill that will begin the discussion of how we manage illegal immigrants within North Carolina. The real issue we face, is that we have policies which allow illegal immigrants access into the Country however, we do not have or uphold policies that provide the rules by which these immigrants were allowed to enter.

    I firmly believe that if a family immigrates to this country, take the required steps to become legal citizens, then they deserve every right and freedom that America and North Carolina provides. If these immigrants do not take the necessary steps to become legal citizens, then they have shown no effort or want to be part of this Country and State. Therefore, they do not deserve the right to receive the benefits of being a legal citizen.

    The current NC Community College decision to allow illegal immigrants to enroll in programs if they graduated from a U.S High School and pay out of state tuition, is a perfect example of how policies are based on ulterior motives and principles. This decision was based solely on the ability to increase revenue for the Community College System. They added in the requirement of graduation from a U.S. high school as a form of validation to their decision. The cost to enroll in a Community college should be the same for all.

    Hopefully we will one day get a bill passed which provides a finite amount of time for illegal immigrants to become Citizens. Within that period of time they are allowed to participate in all freedoms except the right to vote. If they have not received legal status at the end of the allotted time, then they must leave the country, and re-apply for entry into the US.
    The argument that the children of these illegal immigrants would be wrongly held accountable for their parents decision to live here illegally is off base. If a child has graduated from High School, they are old enough to apply for citizenship themselves. The decision of their parents is no longer relevant.

    Lets keep our Country the best in the world by protecting the rights of our citizens.

    • Jerry says:

      HB11 would have prohibit illegal aliens from attending North Carolina’s community college and universities. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BILL?????

      NO RINOS IN 2012

  4. jonathan gutierrez says:

    This is a shame. That’s all I have to say. The U.S is supposed to be a land where people can make their dreams come true but from the look of this bill it only demonstrates the selfishness of repubilcans and the so called “tea party.”

  5. Lou Robert says:

    This bill is so short minded and out of focus. Just think of it in terms of crime prevention , state finances…we are asking this student sto pay out of state tuition…is that enough to understand their desire to go to college…..think!

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