Richard Burr’s Earmarks

December 16th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 4 Responses

Here are Senator Burr’s list of Earmarks for the 2011 Omnibus bill, do you think he heard us in November? It’s business as usual in DC. Time for a call to his office at (202) 224-3154. Click here to read the list.

  1. Roy Gough says:

    Simple solutions to this problem are send them home on election day and force them to mandate term limits. The backslapping corruption MUST STOP!

  2. Roy Gough says:

    Burr nor anyone else in DC heard the November thunder. It is all about private power and the good ole boy system in the Capital Building. Politics have always been a give and take game. If you want a vote to go your way you must give up something in return. However, today American lives are stake. Not just in Afghanistan, but right here. Job losses continue, inflation continues to squeeze us. The liberal whack jobs think more taxes and spending are the answers. The two mainstream party members are getting harder to tell apart. Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave. It will not stop until the Pelosi-Reid gang are gone and take the fence straddling Republicans with them.

  3. Stan Doty says:

    The next elections are closer than you think !

    • Arthur Duke says:

      Richard Burr’s Earmarks may lead him to be two faced, Everyone needs to watch this one…………. The old Republicans are two faced in a lot of the last few years. It has gotten so they say on good things and than vote and go for only whats in it for them.
      The TEA Party wants to stop this and I’m all for that. Get the Parasites ( politicians of both parties out of the government ) The PARASITES now in office are just that, They spend as they wish take as they wish and Use tax money to cover these bills ( which now does not have the tax money to cover this debt; so they raise the tax base to increase the taxes from we who have paid in the first batch. WE ARE TAXED AND THAN TAXED Again BECAUSE THEY OVER SPENT> PUT INTO GOVERNMENT OFFICES only they who will cut the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES MONEYS STOP EPA, OSHA, ALL other invented government offices that Stop growth of TAX PAYING BUSINESSes!!