Durham plans to accept Mexican ID

November 11th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives No Responses

Durham’s city council is receiving feedback over a resolution that would have the city recognize accept the Matricula Consular (Mexican ID card) as a valid form of identification. If it passes, Durham will be the FIRST city in the COUNTRY to do this. It’s not like these people are entering the country, then coming to North Carolina with these cards. The Mexican Government is coming to North Carolina, issuing the cards HERE– just as recently as September. They tried to go to Fayetteville Technical Community College in July, but after numerous contacts by citizens, they cancelled the event.

It’s been said that there are “misunderstandings” concerning this, implying that the “misunderstandings” are what is fanning the flames of the upset critics. What is really to be misunderstood?

Ronald Garcia with El Centro Hispano says … the high security card cannot be used to vote, access government benefits, or replace a valid driver’s license. But in the case of someone pulled over without proper ID, the card could help them avoid a lengthy legal process.”

Proper ID is required to operate a vehicle. If it was not, then we would not be required to obtain a drivers license and insurance to drive legally. If an American citizen is pulled over, they are required to show identification and car registration. If not, they face the penalty for not having them- a “lengthy legal process”. Why is someone who moved here from Mexico more special than an American born citizen? Since our elections process does not require ANY form of identification to vote, it seems a moot point to even bring that up. Since social services workers are not allowed to question or even confirm a person’s legal status upon applying for government benefits, there’s another moot point. What I personally find disturbing is that this man is saying there are “misunderstandings” about what the resolution is really about. I wish they would clarify- because if it is not meant to replace a drivers license, but to help someone WITHOUT one, who is DRIVING, AVOID a legal process, then what is it there, for? Why should we move to recognize foreign ID cards when our own DMV offers ID cards ALREADY?

This smells a whole lot like the work of the progressive group CHANGE that is happening in Winston Salem. They are offering “alternate IDs” and even acknowledge not everyone receiving one is here legally, but the Winston Salem Police Department is willing to recognize these IDs. It seems to this citizen, that groups are going out of their way to circumvent the valid identification methods that have been in place for eons, and the only difference in these “new, helpful” forms of IDs is that citizenship is not required to receive one. That tells me that when a police officer sees one of these IDs, they already know there is a chance that the person is an illegal alien. For our police departments and cities to start recognizing these “alternate” forms of ID, screams the willingness to overlook someone being here illegally. If anything, we should have a state law proposed in the next session that IF someone is driving with an alternate form of identification, that that is cause enough to verify their legal status.

There is NO REASON for someone NOT to have a valid, U.S. issued form of ID. If organizations want to help with the process, raise funds to help people pay the TEN DOLLARS it costs at the DMV to get one.


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