CHANGE teaming up with WSPD

November 8th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 6 Responses

Article states:

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — Communities Helping All Neighborhoods Gain Empowerment (CHANGE) approached Winston-Salem Police Chief Scott Cunningham about a new kind of identification card. The ID is for people without proper identification.

“When the police interact with these people, it is very difficult to verify their identity if they don’t have anything on them, and it expands the interaction time,” said Cunningham.The card, which will be valid for one year, will have a photo, address and date of birth. It will also state that it’s *not a government issued ID card. Cunningham says he realizes the cards won’t be fool proof.

“There is the possibility that some of the information may be wrong, and we are giving out information to our personnel later this week about how to recognize, utilize and what safety precautions and credibility to give to the card.”

The video states that some of the people associated with the group CHANGE through their affiliates (‘Who is CHANGE?‘ / see list of churches affiliated with this group) are “not documented”. So I have the following questions concerning this-

  • Who is paying for this?
  • What is truly going to be accomplished through the use of these cards / how is this going to help the police department?
  • Are these cards going to be accepted at the DMV for illegal aliens to get drivers license at some point?
  • Why is CHANGE wanting to be involved in a project such as this?
  • You can already get an identification card at the DMV, except there, you must prove that you are a legal resident. Are these identification cards going to reflect the person’s legal status? If not, then what will be the difference between CHANGE’s id cards, and the DMV id cards?

Email Chief Cunningham with your thoughts –, and share them here.


We received Chief Cunningham’s response to a citizen that contacted him with the questions in this article. his response was:

“Ms _____

There is significant misinformation about these cards.

The WSPD is not issuing them.

They are not be recognized as legal id nor anywhere near the equivalent to a state identification.

We are advising officers to look for these and utilize them to a reasonable extent to help identiofy who they are interacting with.

The reason for this is that having some form of identification is better than none at all.

Thank you

Scott Cunningham”

Wow, “misinformation”. Doesn’t that sound familiar? The mere sound of that word makes me cringe now. We await his next response to Ms. _____, to her reply  “Mr. Cunningham….you didn’t answer most of the questions.  If there is misinformation, then it is because the WSPD has not done a sufficient job getting the info out to the public. Please revisit these and reply to each one:…

The  press conference concerning this can be viewed here.

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  2. Roy Gough says:

    I would be concerned of anything coming from CHANGE. Maybe they have a few good thoughts and ideas, but I think they are just another ACORN. Well at least prostitutes can get good tax evasion advise from them.

  3. Milo says:

    I’m afraid I don’t understand what having mosques in High Point (or anywhere else for that matter) have to do with this. When did the government have the right to deny a religious organization the opportunity to exist? The U.S. does not have a state religion for a reason. This country was founded by people fleeing Europe because of religious persecution and didn’t want to repeat these mistakes over here. Are you suggesting we go back to that time?

  4. BeverlyLung says:

    Suggest you contact not only Chief Cunningham but the City Manager’s Office, City Mayor’s Office, Forsyth County Manager’s Office and All Winston City Councilpersons and County Commissioners – let your voice be heard.

  5. Russell W. Yoder says:

    My first comment is, why is anyone surprised to see this coming from the new police Chief in Winston Salem. The man was the Chief in Cary, one of the most liberal tree hugging communities in North Carolina, and he is on record stating he will not allow WSPD officers to verify or ask for anyone citizenships during the course of conducting investigations.

    If anyone is so concerned about this where is the outrage? Why are people not getting fired up about this the way they did with the Arizona immigration law? Is this new cooperation with CHANGE a round about way of issuing “papers” to immigrants, legal and illegal? How much money is this agency making off of these “ID’s” or will they be free? If CHANGE does not charge for these ID’s then who is absorbing the costs of the “research and verification” as explained by Chief Cunningham? What tax money is being used to fund this project and to fund this organization?

    I would encourage all to call write and protest at City Hall and notify your council person and express your outrage and demand they require the Chief to issue a formal public televised announcement that these supposed ID’s are not acceptable and will not be used or accected by the WSPD as legitiment forms of identification.

    This is the first step in amnesty and the first steps of legitimizing illegals and extending more and more rights to the illegal population not only here in Winston Salem but also North Carolina and the country. If we sit idlely back and allow this to happen and to contue ot happen then we as CITIZENS have no one to blame but ourselves when we lose our rights and the rights of the free and legal are given to the criminal aliens.

  6. This blows my mind. Mosques in High Point and CHANGE ID’s in Winston…what’s next???
    Hat tipped you and responded to this travesty on under local tab. Thanks for the info. Great video.