NC Republican Candidates-A Warning from the Tea Party

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The NC Tea Party has found out from a credible source that the republican “leadership” has told old and new candidates in North Carolina not to talk too much about higher taxes because if the GOP wins the house and senate they will bring about legislation to Tax Services in NC to close the budget gap, instead of cutting spending.

If this is the case why do we want these bums in office? Would they be any different than the Democrats? From this little bit of information we have found out, in fact they are just a different group of tax and spend. This is why we need new blood in the NC Legislature.

So this is our WARNING to each and every single republican candidate that wants to increase our taxes in North Carolina. We will watch you and call you out with more action and fever than we did with the Democrats. You can NOT co-opt the Tea Party, we have allegiance to no political party. Any Republican that authors, sponsors or votes for this tax on services WILL be primaried in 2 years… if you think we are mad at the Democrats just try this and every single one of you will be on after the next election.

You have been warned – The NC Tea Party.

  1. Need a list for Tea Party Canadidates fir the Triad Winston Salem N.C. 27127

  2. Geoffrey says:

    Geoffrey M Hurlburt, North Carolina Senate, District 14, All of Eastern Wake County…Come out to Five County Stadium on October 16th, 2010…We can meet or call me 9198050487…I’ll tell you how my plan for NC is in allegiance with “Taxed Enough Already”..

    ..furthermore..I have pledged American’s For Prosperity- North Carolina 2010 Pledge here ).

    All Candidates who pledged is here

    Know this and know this well….certain outside Candidates of the Republican Party this Election year have been sloughed off….those Candidates specifically need the “Tea Force”.
    I believe only these outside Candidates will truly be the “Movers and Shakers” on Jones Street.
    And when they are blocked for moving towards positive changes “Names will be named” and Tea will answer back in force in 2012.

    • dale myers says:

      your not in my district. and all i want is a honest work from my reps. to bring jobs back in nc. jobs where “on the job training” is rewarded. it’s foolish to think a man thats been out of work for a year or two . can withstand going in debt to train themselves via collage or tech schools. when it comes to state jobs too.
      i’m quite intelligent and was told so through my public schooling years latter. i have watched what has gone on these last few years, this has me fuming. and i have written my reps. with only a few responding with what they feel proud of. would make me ashamed of myself, if i pulled such legislative stunts.
      i’m dirt poor. and not able to give taxes. but being i don’t, i also don’t draw unemployment. now my reps are Fred Steen, Harry Warren and senators are Andrew C. Brock. we need jobs badly, i know i do. so i can help make a impact on bringing back this once strong state and country.

  3. First of all, thank you very much NC Tea Party for publishing this article, my respect just ratched up another notch for you. I have told every candidate and Republican I meet that you better get it right this time. They had better do the right thing, do what you say and say what you mean. I have thought for awhile now that “they” still don’t get it and this proves I am right. We are not playing games with you anymore. Message to Repubs – If you get elected and control our state and this country GUESS WHAT This really is your last chance. If you do not do the right thing this time, then the downfall of our country is squarely placed on your backs and if we have any history left to learn our children and grandchilren will know that you were corupted cowards with no morals or principles. You have been warned.

  4. Bill Sterrett says:

    I spoke with Sam Edwards, R-candidate for state representative 118, today and advised him of above information. Sam is a Patriot and has assured me he will not submit to Party politics, and is answerable only to the people. I have forwarded this e-mail to him. In Liberty, Bill

  5. joelfarm says:

    The North Carolina GOP is indicative of the national party. They are paying lip service to the American taxpayer only to get/stay in power. Once in control of Congress again, they will continue to spend just as their mirror brother the demo-socialists-crats. They WILL HAVE TO, in order to simply meet the base requirements of current spending that is mandated BY LAW. They will claim they have no choice, while the liberal-controled media will find the slightest pretext to portray them as grinches who will steal from the ‘children’. They really are in a no-win situation- Unless they decide to become true leaders and make the correct, tough choices and ELEMINATE and ERADICATE irresponsible socialist programs that are far too numerous to even begin to discuss. The waste of OUR money has reached such an obscene level that the average person cannot grasp it’s dimensions

    • dale myers says:

      yes some have a do. thats why we need political clarity on the person they are and how they think. not that big business or even big labor, makes them offers that compromises the power of the people. even if you think big labor is for the people thats not the real fact. look at what happen to the saturn car company. there were people that had invested money to build infrastructure to facilitate jobs. but once it was devolved this property was sold off with no regard to the money invested by individuals. PEOPLE WERE ROBBED BUY THE GOVERNMENT AND UNIONS. BIG LABOR. when you do such acts you diminish the trusty of investors. causing a recession ( a lack of money invested towards “new” jobs). yes those that do invest make money thats no sin. but when they do it with no thought of consequence. thats were money and sin meet. and america fails with and by people like Barack H. Obama. now i hear he has given money to the number of 1.5 billion dollars that we have no real source to pay it back without extraordinarily high interest rates. and until we produce goods to sale outside america we will never be able to pay it back. without the loss of national worth. and this is what the liberals have and are doing. not that a moderate thinking mind is bad. but pure conservative government isn’t that good also. some money needs to go to jobs. and what happen to tax breaks to companies to create jobs. and tax breaks to companies for energy exploration.and not just to explore but to develop working standards. and not just one but many. energies that are cheap to install and upkeep. because the poor can’t afford these new fuel efficient cars. they are priced to high for the poor to buy. the people that could use them the most. but are almost looked at as status symbols now. because they are high priced cars. i know oh to well i use to deliver pizzas and when io delivered i made little to no money on my check. for car upkeep took all that i made. you know upkeep thing. and i could in no way afford a new car. the only car i could buy was a clunker from a junk yard. and after i was released from that job. they held a meeting, were they only wanted new looking car for said drivers. with the pay of the driver including tips, would cover the payment of such a car. insurance liability and comp, collision too. thats why jobs are paramount. when jobs were plentiful delivering was profitable, energy was cheaper. and wages averaged higher. because of the deflation of the dollar on the global market. i know it looks like i’m rambling on and on. but all of this had to be said to prove a point.

  6. Beth says:

    In the North Carolina 8th District there appears to be some scary swamp creatures that have raised their ugly Scott Manning on Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    It seems the swamp in Washington, DC is not the only swamp that needs to be drained.

    Harold Johnson, the TV Sportscaster turned candidate for Congressional 8th District seat will need to pole vault over the top bar and without missing a beat clear all the hurdles in his bid as the republican candidate.

    North Carolina’s 8th District is just one of the many districts that have the highest unemployment in the state. Many constituents are asking Mr. Johnson questions, but have received no answers. Will this be an indication of how he will operate his office?

    During the primaries and his campaign, Harold Johnson avoided the issues and his constituents. I called and spoke with Heather Harrison, President of “We The People of the Sandhills “in the 8th District whose organization refused to endorse Harold Johnson. Heather stated “Between the people outside of the district “endorsing” and those inside endorsing Johnson being socialists and RINO’s….We The People of the 8th District WERE SCREWED!! Since the North Carolina 8th District Republican congressional race entered a runoff it has become one of the most contentious races in the nation. One candidate claims support from the Republican Party establishment and the Tea Party and the other candidate is being attacked by the Republican Party…”

    I also spoke with Michael Kelly, President of “We The People of North Carolina,” who wrote a letter from the eighth district Tea Party to Harold Johnson, Fighting for Freedom in North Carolina.;

    Michael shared his insight as how the GOP was out of touch with the voter’s choice of candidates and why WTPNC could not endorse Harold Johnson as their candidate for the 8th District. He explained that the GOP contacted the WTPNC organization and the Charlotte TEA Party organization in the 12th District seeking endorsements for Harold Johnson in the 8th District? He explained to the GOP why the WTPNC could not endorse Harold Johnson, yet the GOP did receive an endorsement from the Charlotte Tea Party.

    But why didn’t the GOP and the Charlotte TEA Party contact Heather Harrison of “We the People of the Sandhills,” to address their concerns as to why the WTP of the Sandhills refused to endorse Harold Johnson? The GOP would have found Harold Johnson’s inabilities to take a stand on any position, or did they already know?

    The answer is yes, because Harold Johnson was handpicked by the GOP in D.C, approved by Tom Fetzer with the North Carolina GOP and Susanne Rucker with the Cumberland County GOP. But, he was not the people’s candidate?

    During the primaries, it was leaked out that the GOP, NCGOP Chair Tom Fetzer and Cumberland County GOP Chair Susanne Rucker violated policies by endorsing Harold Johnson, and that Harold Johnson was trailing in the polls to the people’s choice Tim D’Annunizo? Did the GOP throw Tim D’Annunizo under the bus? I think the answer to that question is as plain as the nose on your face. So, “Why do these two GOP Chairs still have their positions after such violations,” is another question that needs to be answered?

    Then, we have the “TEA Party Stanly County” organization, who also endorsed Harold Johnson and whose members worked diligently behind the scenes on Harold Johnson’s campaign! Currently their Face book page is restricted to “members only”. So, you or I have to be invited to review comments posted on their page. This gives the appearance that this organization may be hiding something.

    Which brings us to the unprofessional conduct of State Representative Justin Burr from the 67th District and his cronies, who staged a run in with Tim D’Annunizo at a town hall meeting, when Justin purposely bumped into Tim to get a reaction and to cause a commotion, which it did? This in itself speaks volumes of Justin’s’ character and integrity as a representative of the people.

    And then there’s Jordan Bowman with the Stanly GOP that made the “Anybody but Tim D’Annunzio for Congress” Face book page, created to discredit Tim D’Annunizo and his campaign. We must note that Jordan was the administrator of the site and later recused himself from that Face book page.

    Lastly, there’s Russ Fincham, with the “Rockingham TEA Party” that also had a hand in the mayhem along with a former member of the “We The People NC” in Concord, who was with the group for approximately 3 months before leaving the group, endorsed Harold Johnson under the guise that she was still with “We The People NC”.” Why were these groups so afraid of Tim D’Annunizo?

    When Heather Harrison was asked of the media coverage, she replied, “the media” NEVER” spoke to “ANYONE” with We The People of the Sandhills and that Tara Servatius, a WTB Talk Show host, lied about “Speaking to anyone who is anybody in the 8th District TEA Party”. She knew she screwed up when I called her show and she refused to take my calls. She supposedly was a great investigative reporter. If she was she would have found out all these facts. Well Tara Servatius was proven to be another member of the LAMESTREAM MEDIA!”

    The voters must question why is the GOP, the Charlotte TEA Party, the TEA Party Stanley County, and the Rockingham TEA Party were supporting a liberal RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) over a true conservative candidate, Tim D’Annunizo?

    Does this indicate just how out of touch they are with conservatives? Could it be, Tim truly represented the voice of the people and they were afraid of Tim D’Annunizo? Or make the Stanly GOP, the Tea Party Stanly County, and the Rockingham Tea Party groups look socialistic and liberal instead conservative, or keep Justin Burr from future aspirations of representing the state of North Carolina? One must consider the likelihood of behind the scenes hand shaking and smoked filled room shady deals.

    A win for Harold Johnson in the 8th District only solidifies that his constituents will have to wait another two years of failed policies to remove another empty suit candidate, similar to Larry Kissell, the Democrat incumbent, that according to released internal polling numbers by Harold Johnson’s campaign shows the 8th District race to be one of the most competitive in the country. Larry Kissell’s campaign touts a double-digit lead of 17-points over Republican challenger Harold Johnson.

    Since the primary runoff of June 22, Harold Johnson has done an excellent job is reminding constituents that the job market has been slow and families are hurting from the loss of 25,000 jobs. Is anyone asking Harold Johnson, “What companies is he talking to that will generate jobs in the 8th District? When can the people of the 8th District expect these companies to open or relocate? When will these companies begin hiring? How many positions are available? Is there a training program to teach textile workers to compete? These and many others are the questions his constituents should be asking Harold Johnson? Families in the 8th District need jobs now, today, not tomorrow, not next week, and definitely not two years from now.

    Mr. Johnson says the 8th District is fortunate to have two economic drivers with enormous potential for jobs, the Army and Bio-tech companies. But these companies are not hiring individuals with textile manufacturing experience. This places many 8th District bread winners at a disadvantage due to their age, lack of skills or education are unable to compete for such hi-tech jobs. Many proud men and women have loss jobs and hope to empty suit politicians with empty promises in the past and your constituents believe that you, Mr. Johnson will be no different.

    Harold Johnson website page states, “I will be a strong advocate for job creation in North Carolina and will work closely with state and local leaders as well as area business leaders to attract new businesses to the 8th District and help existing businesses grow” and “You will seek the help of the government in reducing taxes and streamlining regulations and bureaucratic red tape.” That hasn’t worked in the past, so why should your constituents think you can change it while you’re in office?”

    Some believe Harold Johnson might be able to gather up some of the disaffected Tim D’Annunzio supporters to back him. This may prove to be a grave misconception on Johnson campaign thinking. Mr. Johnson hasn’t proven why the voters should vote for him this November? What experience in job creation, in reducing taxes, streamlining regulations and bureaucratic red tape does your resume have Mr. Johnson? The answer is” None.”

    The incumbent, Larry Kissell, will need a new slide rule to calculate his mathematical impossibilities of reelection. For Mr. Kissell, there is a different question, “What jobs did you create and what companies did you talk too for job creation in the 8th District?” Since his election to office in November 2008, Larry Kissell has never created a single job with the exception of his staff. So, he must accept the burden of blame for the loss of the 25,000 jobs in the 8th District and this may be the demise of his political career.

    Mr. Kissell voted 96% of the time for his party policies which included the approval of 800 billion dollar economic stimulus package, though not one red dime came back to the district in job creation. One can only conclude that Mr. Kissell need not return to teaching Civics curriculum to students about the system of government in the United States either, because he has set no example for students to emulate. What we do know from Mr. Kissell, is there seems to be a never-ending increase in taxes, without receiving any benefits in return to pay those taxes.

    As Harold Johnson and Larry Kissell continue to seek for your support as your representative in the 8th District, you the voter, will continue to lose. Neither Larry Kissell nor Harold Johnson offer solutions from experience. So the question voters must ask, “Why should I vote for either candidate?” The option of, “the lesser of two evils” has failed in the past. Many have decided not to cast their vote for Harold Johnson, Larry Kissell or Thomas Hill.

    The “Write in candidate” is another option. Voters who feel that Harold Johnson or Larry Kissell is not their choice may elect to write in Tim D’Annunizo’s name on their ballot sheet. Tim’s background experience as a businessman who has created jobs offers the 8th District voters a man with commitment, competence, courage, loyalty, integrity in leadership and entrepreneurial skills that is presently absent in the district.

    Tim D’Annunizo who has experience in job creation would have made him a better candidate for the people in the 8th District. In job creation, Tim understands that limiting the size of government and cutting taxes would give businesses a better opportunity to compete. His vision to create more jobs was to give small business owners the tools they need to be successful. He understood the FairTax and was a strong supporter of the FairTax plan and how the “FairTax equals JOBS.” He understood that the 8th District wanted jobs where the products were made in North Carolina, especially in the 8th District. He understood job creation, because Tim D’Annunizo was a businessman who created jobs in the 8th District from the ground up.

    In my opinion the GOP threw Tim D’Annunizo under the bus. Now the people’s choice to drain the swamp this 2 November 2010 is to write in candidate Tim D’Annunizo on their ballot and have a true conservative in Congress working for them. And that’s my opinion.

    • Julie says:

      I also was a Tim D A’nnunizo supporter UNTIL I heard him on the radio. I also listen to 1110am
      everyday. When Keith Larson would ask him a question he shot his own self in the foot(so to speak) he sounded like a raging idiot. I simply could not believe I was hearing him say the things he was saying. He would not take responsibility for anything and was practically whining. Now don’t get me wrong—-I am a HUGE conservative —I have researched over the candidates and I will not vote for Harold Johnson either. I may very well have to leave that one blank on the ballet. Larry Kissell voted against healthcare reform but, I don’t like some of his other politics. I think alot of the things you said are very valid. I just wanted you to know I think he himself had alot to do with his own unraveling and the voters lost faith in him when they heard him ranting. God Bless!!

  7. Ronnie Gilleland says:

    need a list of who to vote for Nov 2nd in NC and Catawba county.

  8. sybil staffor says:

    In July NC General Assembly passed a bill to put a Constitution Amendment on the NC ballot in Nov.

    Here is a link to the bill

    The vote is to change the NC Constitution to read that no one can run for sheriff that is a felon, even if they have had there rights restored. At first this seems like a good idea but after much thought I decided that it is a dreadful idea.

    First: It is our civic duty to vet who we are voting for, preferably before the primary so we have the best person running for the office.

    Second: We live in a country that is passing so many laws it is almost impossible to not break a law in normal daily life. Example: When you are born in this country if you do nothing you have broken a law because you have not bought health insurance.

    Third: In Arizona Sheriff Arpaio is being investigated and sued by the federal government for enforcing the illegal immigration laws. He is a good sheriff that the government is trying to destroy.

    Fourth: I believe there could be a situation where a corrupt sheriff would set up a good person whom he believed is going to run against him. Have him arrested and convicted by his cronies. And as mentioned in my third reason it could be any other branch of local, state or federal government.

    Fifth: People have run for sheriff that are felons before and they were not elected. County governments are small areas where it is easy to find out about the people running, and the opponent will absolutely let everyone know that the person running against him is felon. The system works, we do not need a Constitutional Amendment to fix what is not broke.

    Matthew Lyon served in the Fifth and Sixth Congresses of the United States (March 4,1797 – March 3, 1801). In 1798 he was found guilty of violating the Alien and Sedition Acts. His violation was he had criticized President John Adams. He was sentenced to four months in jail and a $1000 fine. While in jail he was elected to the Sixth Congress.

    This amendment should be debated. People should not go blindly to the polls and vote without thinking about this.

  9. WendyW says:

    Concerning any candidate endorsements, see this post-

  10. Joelle Tessier says:

    Who is my Tea Party Candidate for N.C. District 9 ? I will vote for a democrat before I cast another ballot in favor of Sue Myrick, get me a Tea Party candidate…..and if you tell me it’s her I might move far away. :P

  11. Patrick says:

    I simply do not understand our politicians. They are acting like Third World despots. I should know, I lived there for many years. Someone needs to educate these morons in our nation’s history. Americans fought one war over taxes and I suspect that many would do so again. Let us pray it is only a political overthrow and not a violent confrontation.