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October 5th, 2010 by NC Tea Party Staff Categories: Archives 6 Responses

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback in recent days in person and by email concerning the upcoming election and which candidates are “tea party backed”. There are some misperceptions I believe happening in the media that need to be straightened out. The tea party is a movement, not a political party. The tea party, not being a political party, cannot “put forth” candidates to be on the ballot. When the media says “tea party backed”, it is not necessarily talking about a specifically designated group, or party, but, people in a certain area that identify themselves as “tea party” people, outwardly supporting a candidate.

The principles of the tea party are:

– Limited Government
– Lower Taxes
– Eliminate Wasteful Spending
– Free Markets
– Individual Responsibility

Therefore, it does not matter if a tea party group is making a lot of noise for a candidate, if a candidate is supportive of these values, this is a candidate in which a person who identifies with the tea party movement, will want to vote for.

When the Tea Party Express got involved in Delaware, it was in a primary where the GOP was outwardly favoring a less than favorable candidate than the one who best stood for the tea party values as stated above. The North Carolina primary was in May. At this point in North Carolina, the tea party people, that’s you- can show your strength by getting involved with LOCAL campaigns, that is, on the state and county level, and help the candidates who will serve you on the state and county level, get elected. THEY need your help. Lets not get swept away with the emotion that is all over the TV on the national level that we let what truly matters in THIS state most, that we get a conservative majority in Raleigh this November for the FIRST time in 100 years.

As we stated in earlier posts, NC TEA Party is not endorsing candidates, we are asking the citizens of North Carolina to endorse their candidates. It’s the citizens of this state that represent the NC TEA Party pulse, not the people behind this website and organization. We’ve been under fire via email for not providing lists for people to be able to look up candidates in their area. North Carolina has 100 counties. That means there’s a minimum of 100 school boards, the NC House is represented by 120 members, and the NC Senate is represented by 50 members. Why should the responsibility of vetting candidates for each district be put upon the tea party’s shoulders? Not just us, but ANY tea party? Are we still in a political environment where you vote for someone because someone else told you to vote for them, and not because you know for a fact you believe that person is the best person for the job? If we are advocating for individual responsibility, we must be the first to exhibit that trait, and be responsible for our own votes.

This year, conservatives need not only to be able to say WHO they are voting for, but WHY they are voting for that person, AND- encouraging minimally FIVE other people to do the same thing.

As of right now, our endorsement post has 11 responses. Election day is LESS than a month away. This is a conversation that MUST be had with each other- WHO we are voting for, and WHY? We need to be EXCITED about our candidates. I’m excited about mine! The more engaged I have been with my candidate of choice’s campaign, I’ve come to the conclusion if he was any brighter he’d blind us all. As far as I’m concerned, we need 170 of him in Raleigh. Even my Democrat family members are voting for him this year! We ALL need to be excited about our candidates.

If you are in a district that your House and/or Senate Representative is not being challenged, find the next one nearest to you, and DONATE to their campaign. Get involved. Make calls from your home. Do SOMETHING. It is in YOUR best interest that THEY get elected, too. A rising tide lifts ALL ships.

As for lists, here is how you find who is running in your area: Go to the State Board of Elections website here, enter your information, click on SAMPLE BALLOT, and those are the people who are running to represent YOU this fall. From there, google their names and positions they are running for, and learn more about them. DONATE to their campaign, it’s NOT too late. There are non-conservative incumbents who have hundreds of thousands of dollars in their battle chest ready and waiting to spend it. Our state candidates have already made a GREAT sacrifice in running to begin with- we OWE it to them to give what we can to help them make it to the finish line with 51%+ the evening of November 2nd.

As for school boards, the school board (and judicial) races are non partisan this year. Find out who the conservatives are on the ballot, and from there do your research. Do NOT skip over this part of the ballot! Even if you do not have children, it is up to conservatives to make sure our school children are being given the proper opportunities to learn in the best way possible, including school choice, which is at stake in some counties this year.

The judicial races are equally important!

Once you find who you are voting for, come back and join the conversation. Share who your choices are for all the races. There might be others in your area who are looking for people to support!

  1. Idontgetit says:

    Try searching for information about nc conservative candidates, tea party favorites, etc ~ you will find no information, no help, no direction, no leadership, nothing. My absentee ballot is going in the trash except for the one libertarian candidate. I didn’t vote for McCain or Obama, I am a libertarian and see no people running who have been identified as candidates who uphold conservative values. The tea party is unfocused, and as a resource does nothing at least here in NC. I have attempted on several occasions to find information for all of these candidates and I’m sorry I found nothing! I heard a bunch of hoopla for BJ LAWSON and yet he is not even on my ballot and I dont even what he was running for (is he a write in?). I check his website and it says congress, okay what senate or house? why no tea party has put together a list of candidates that have the values we support tells me there are no candidates. I will vote straight Libertarian as I have no information on any website that helps me at all. I am motivated to learn, but I guess standing around on street corners is all this group is good for in NC at least.

    • Geoffrey says:

      @ Idontgetit……..Have you tried looking at the Candidates that have taken the AFP Pledge?
      here is the link…Maybe some of these Pledges are in alignment with your TEA values…check it out.

      North Carolina General Assembly Candidate List-2010. Who Signed the Americans for Prosperity Pledges? Who did not?
      122 candidates for the North Carolina General Assembly have signed a series of pledges to fight tax increases, promote school choice, support private property rights, and support political speech rights.
      Candidate signers include: two Democrats, five Libertarians, 115 Republicans, and one unaffiliated candidate. “At Americans for Prosperity-North Carolina, we believe that hard work, determination, and personal responsibility are the key ingredients needed to achieve genuine economic prosperity in the free market,” said State Director Dallas Woodhouse. “These pledges reflect those beliefs.”
      Specifically, the series of seven pledges asks a candidate to commit to the following:
      •Oppose and vote against any increase in statewide tax rates
      •Oppose and vote against “tax reform” legislation that is not “revenue neutral”.
      •Support a Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights Constitutional Amendment
      •Oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in government revenue.
      •Support removing the “cap” on the number of charter schools allowed in North Carolina
      •Support a Constitutional Amendment to restrict eminent domain abuse and support reforming annexation laws
      •Oppose taxpayer funding of political campaigns.
      Candidates were free to sign all, some or none of these pledges.

      Woodhouse added: “It is important that citizens know where candidates for the General Assembly stand on important free market legislation. With the creation of this website, and our aggressive citizen education efforts, we look forward to helping the citizens of North Carolina become better informed on free market issues leading them to make wise decisions in November.”

  2. Joanne says:

    I agree, Ramona. You can order the NC Family Policy Council Voter Guides for FREE, in packs of 100. I have ordered some to give out at my church and some at the local Republican HQ.

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Geoffrey M Hurlburt, North Carolina Senate, District 14, All of Eastern Wake County…Come out to Five County Stadium on October 16th, 2010…We can meet or call me 9198050487…I’ll tell you how my plan for NC is in allegiance with “Taxed Enough Already”..

    ..furthermore..I have pledged American’s For Prosperity- North Carolina 2010 Pledge here ).

    All Candidates who pledged is here

    Know this and know this well….certain outside Candidates of the Republican Party this Election year have been sloughed off….those Candidates specifically need the “Tea Force”.
    I believe only these outside Candidates will truly be the “Movers and Shakers” on Jones Street.
    And when they are blocked for moving towards positive changes “Names will be named” and Tea will answer back in force in 2012.

  4. J Rockwell says:

    Hello all. I am a new resident of Smithfield and want to get a summary of the constitutionalist candidates my district.

  5. Ramona Timm says:

    I have found who to support in the NC Judges races..
    Go to They assess the candidates
    using legal counsel and also use moral criteria.
    Locally unless we know a candidate personally
    we support the Republicans in general. One candidate
    Rhonda Jones a Republican running for County Commissioner
    has not adequately answered some of our questions. She is actually
    not real clear in some of her answers so I have further questions.
    For school board a friend has recommended I support three new
    Mike Rogers, David L. smith and Jamie Yontz