Who do YOU endorse in North Carolina?

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NC TEA Party believes the most effective endorsement, is the endorsement of individual citizens- not by groups. Yes, groups in the endorsement business can be effective, but endorsements do no good for a candidate unless it brings individual voters to the polls on election day.

So we want to know, who do YOU endorse? Who are your chosen candidates? Who are you supporting in the upcoming elections?

We want to hear about not only congressional candidates, we want to know about LOCAL candidates. Do you know who is running for your local school board? (Did you know in Forsyth County, there are liberal candidates who are wanting to reinstate FORCED BUSSING?) Do not overlook the school board races this year!

What about county commissioner races? Sheriff races? Who’s your choice for State House and Senate?

Be sure when you leave your comments, to share what Race / District the candidate is running for, and what COUNTY you are in. Think we can get all of the counties of North Carolina participating in this one thread? Spread the word! Send people here, we want to know who NC TEA party supporters are supporting! TEA Party supporters who live in NC are NC TEA Party!


Visit the State Board of Elections website to find out exactly who will be on your ballot when you go to vote. The TEA Party in North Carolina is not a political party but a grassroots movement of ordinary citizens concerned about their county, state and country. NC TEA Party is not a PAC. Learn more about NC TEA Party.

  1. Richard says:

    My name is Richard Forrest Kern, but my friends call me Ray, and I am running for District Court Judge in North Carolina’s 5th Judicial District (New Hanover and Pender Counties). I have been to several tea party events and I hope tea party members would vote for me.

    I believe in fairness, impartiality, and compassionate enforcement of the law. I believe in judicial restraint, strict contructionism, and original intent; that It is wrong to write laws from the bench or ignore the laws the legislature passed as so many judges do; that every person in the Courtroom should be treated with courtesy, respect, and fairness and the same should be expected and demanded of them; and that a judge should be impartial, faithful to the law, unswayed by partisan issues or public opinion, and diligent in the exercise of their judicial duties.

  2. holly says:

    Do not believe a felon should be sheriff, but do any of you seriously think you should be voting to NOT HAVE THE CHOICE TO VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT TO SOMEDAY IN THE FUTURE?

  3. Steve says:

    What judge would be the best tea party pick NC District 22A. And soil and water for Iredell county. Thanks

  4. N says:

    Folks –

    I just found out that McCullough endorsed the very liberal Martha Geer over the conservative Dean Poirier.

    Check out their websites and make up your own mind.

    I’m voting Poirier!

  5. I’m Daniel Garner, one of the 13 candidates for the Wynn seat on the Court of Appeals. My website is http://www.GarnerforJudge.com . I hope you will visit it to learn about me and my judicial philosophy, and send me an email if you like to GarnerforJudge@gmail.com.
    This is an important but not a highly visible or glorious job. Fifteen judges are on the Court of Appeals, and they sit in panels of three to review appeals taken from trial courts and state agencies. This is a work-horse court, an error-correcting court; each judge writes about 100 decisions a year, so there is lots to do.
    I have 28 years of experience as an attorney. Nine years in a varied private practice; over 7 years hearing unemployment benefit cases and writing decisions (over 6,000); then, for the last 12 years, I have been counsel to the Commissioner of Banks, where I have drafted legislation and seen it enacted, served as hearing officer, handled appeals, managed investigations and litigation, and interpreted and applied complex laws on a daily basis. I think this experience has prepared me for the job of reviewing records on appeal, researching the law, and applying it in clear, direct decisions to each case.
    i appreciate very much your reading this and informing yourself about the candidates. Visit websites, google names. I hope you will make my name your “first choice” for the Court of Appeals. This race is the first state-wide use of the Instant Runoff Voting method, so it is vitally important that voters prepare before they go to vote. Thank you!
    Daniel Garner

  6. Keith says:

    Hoke County, NC 28376
    US Senate: Richard Burr (R) (Vote)
    US House of Representatives District 8: Harold Johnson (R) (Vote)
    NC State Senate District 13: (May vote for one)Michael Walters (D) Only Candidate (No Vote)
    NC House of Representatives District 46: Gaston Pridgen (R) (Vote)
    Board of Commissioners: (May vote for three) Tony Hunt (D), Ellen McNeill (D), Jean Powell (D), and Elda Thacker (R). All three (D) already reside on the Board of Commissioners and the (R) is most likely Liberal. (No Vote)
    Clerk of Superior Court: (May vote for one) Russell Smith (D) Only Candidate (No Vote)
    Coroner: (May vote for one) G. Franklin Crumpler (D) Only Candidate (No Vote)
    Sherriff: (May vote for one) Hubert Peterkin (D) Only Candidate and already Sherriff (No Vote)
    Supreme Court Associate Justice: Barbara Jackson (R) (Vote)
    Court of Appeals Judge: Jane Gray (D) (Vote)
    Court of Appeals Judge: Steven Walker (R) (Vote)
    Court of Appeals Judge: Martha Geer (D) (Vote)
    District Court Judge District 16A: (May vote for one) Regina Joe (D) Only Candidate (No Vote)
    District Court Judge District 16A: (May vote for one) William Mcllwain III (D) Only Candidate (No Vote)
    Board of Education: (May vote for three) Incumbents Barbara Buie (D), Della Maynor (D), and Roosevelt McPherson (D). Irish Pickett (D) attempting to gain one of the three chairs (No Vote)
    Soil and Water Conservation: (May vote for two) Andrew Gibson and James N. (Jimmy) Maxwell (No Vote)
    Referendum: Constitutional amendment providing that no person convicted of a felony may serve as Sheriff. (Vote Against).
    Instant Runoff Voting: Court of Appeals Judge
    Number One: Daniel Garner (R)
    Number Two: Jewel Farlow (R)
    Number Three: Stan Hammer
    End of Ballot

    • Keith says:

      I am looking for the state and local tea party backed candidates dealing with Franklin Co. NC

    • Keith says:

      Just so everyone knows, there’s no relationship between the Keith (me) who posted this thread and the Keith who is asking about local tea party backed candidates dealing with Franklin Co. NC

    • Keith says:

      In addition, Stan Hammer is affiliated with the Democratic Party and I apologize for not notating on my original post. (oversight) :)

    • Glen Bradley says:

      To Franklin County Keith – you could do a lot worse than that Glen Bradley guy ;-)

  7. Glen Bradley says:

    My name is Glen Bradley, and I am running for NC State House District 49 — Franklin Halifax and Nash counties.

    I have been going to Tea Parties since December of 2007, I am a strong Constitutionalist, I have never run for office, and my first involvement with politics at all was as a 4 state volunteer for Ron Paul 2007-2008.

    I stand unreservedly and wholeheartedly on conservative principle and individual liberty, and the Tea Party platform will find no better friend in the NC State House than myself – Glen Bradley for NC State House 49.

    I am thankful for your consideration, and I would be honored to receive your support and your vote in this election.



    • Glen Bradley says:

      My apologies – I failed to mention that I am endorsed by both the RLC Republican Liberty Caucus, and iCaucus Independence Caucus. I served in the US Marine Corps, I attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and I am a current self employed small businessman.

  8. Sean says:

    Meck Co. 28215

    U.S. Senate: Michael Beitler
    U.S. House: Sue Myrick
    N.C. Senate: Tommy Tucker
    N.C. House: Bill Brawley
    District Atty: Andrew Murray
    Board of Com AL: Dan Ramirez, Jim Pendergraph, Corey Thompson
    District 3: Barbara Eveland
    Clerk of SC: Martha Curran
    Sheriff: Chipp Bailey
    NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Barbara Jackson
    Court of Appeals Judge Ann Marie Calabria
    Court of Appeals Judge Dean R. Poirier
    Court of Appeals Judge Sanford Steelman
    Court of Appeals Judge Rick Elmore
    Court of Appeals Judge 1st-John F Bloss, 2nd-Jewel Ann Farlow, 3rd- Doug McCullough ,
    Superior Court Judge (26B) Bill Constangy
    Superior Court Judge (26C) Eric Levinson
    District Court Judge 26 Lisa Bell
    District Court Judge 26 Sean Smith
    District Court Judge 26 Matt Osman
    Soil and Water: Dempsey Miller, David Michael Rice
    Referenda: Against (A constitutional amendment is no small thing, even for a state. Anyone who serves time should not face continual punishment. Felons would have to be especially adroit to win as sheriff.)

  9. Keith says:

    Can’t post my sample ballot. Wondering if there is a character limit.

    • WendyW says:

      I doubt copying & pasting straight from the ballot will make for some easy reading once posted with the formatting. It would probably be easier to type your endorsements out.

    • Keith says:

      Bad choice of explanation on my part Wendy. I was commenting on each candidate and giving reasons and references as to why I had made the decisions I did pertaining to each. I shortened it up and there we have it. There really are some good videos and commentary out there which makes the decision process slightly manageable as far as fully understanding the reason for casting a vote for a particular candidate.

  10. Cathy H says:

    This link was helpful for info on local Wake County candidates, especially Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor.

  11. Chris says:

    This nation is a mess. Without God, we can’t have hope. Hence, for the 27513 area, those who are looking for hope, and put their faith in God, I’ve gone through each judge’s website, and I’ve early voted for those that at least mention their faith, and/or speak of the church they attend.
    I know that just because you attend a church doesn’t make you a follower of Christ per se, but I’m praying that these people will be annointed and able to get our country back on track.

    Supreme Court Asso Justice: Robert C Hunter

    Court of App Judge: Jane Gray

    Court of App Judge: Steven Walker

    Court of Appeals Jusdge: Dean R. Poirier

    District Court Judge Dist 10: Brad Sahl

    District Court Judge Dist 10: Deith O’Brien Gregory

    District Court Judge Dist 10: Michael J. Denning

    District Court Judge Dist 10: Dan Nagle

    May these people put their faith in God, and may God provide them with the Sprirt of wisdom and knowledge.

  12. Tom says:

    Wake County:
    US Senate- Burr
    US House:Renee Elmers, BJ Lawson, Bill Randall
    NC Senate: Hurlburt, Hunt

    Supreme Court: Bob Hunter
    Court of Appeals: Walker, Calabria, Poirier

  13. Chris Dillon says:

    My name is Chris Dillon. I am one of the 13 candidates running for the seat vacated by Judge Wynn. I have met 11 of the 13 candidates, and I will agree that the folks that have been suggested here would each make a good judge. Each of us would follow the law and not legislate from the bench. None of us would overstep our authority just to get some result we might desire…and each of us would rule in ways that would prevent the other branches of government to overstep their authority granted to them by the people by the Constitution. I, for one, appreciate the kind words and support from many in this movement.
    Each candidate in my race has experience practicing law. What I believe that I would bring to the Court is a perspective from someone who has also worked in small business. I currently work at a community bank which I helped start four years ago. Part of my job is to work with individuals who own small businesses. I see everyday the effect that the government (by its taxes and regulations) have on people trying to make a living from all walks of life. Our bank did not take any TARP money. We played by the rules and are well-capitalized. However, even we are being affected by the current climate. The small banks are paying for the bailout of the large banks in the form of higher FDIC fees paid to the government.
    Please research all of the candidates in the judicial races. They are so important.
    If you have any question about any race or any issue regarding this election, feel free to e-mail me…and I will do my best to respond.
    Thank you.
    Chris Dillon

  14. John Bloss says:

    My name is John Bloss, and I am running for the North Carolina Court of Appeals (Wynn seat). I am not affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican party. I believe that the rights guaranteed by the Federal and State Constitutions are fundamental, and the judiciary should not permit infringement upon them. In my complex civil litigation practice I have frequently opposed excessive and onerous government regulation. I believe that the Separation of Powers and co-equal branches of government mandates that legislative decisions by popularly elected representatives of the People must be given great deference by judges. In deciding matters governed by statutes a judge should, above all else, effectuate the intention of the General Assembly. Judges should base their decisions on the law and not let their personal viewpoints influence their decisions.
    A recent editorial in the libertarian Gaston Gazette said this about my candidacy:
    “Of the 13 contenders, only one, John Bloss, merits special mention on issues near and dear to First Amendment interests. Bloss, a longtime proponent of open government as a 20-year private practitioner, sought the release of sealed court records in the Food Lion v. ABC case. When Bloss’ request to open the records was denied, he sought review all the way to the U.S. Court of Appeals. The other candidates in the race — including recently appointed Cressie Thigpen; former Court of Appeals Judge Doug McCullough (whose opinion adverse to a broadcasting defendant in a libel case arguably cost the broadcaster a win he deserved); and former Court of Appeals candidates Mark Klass (eliminated in the May 2010 primary for the Calabria seat discussed below) and Jewel Farlow — have no comparable track records on the big issues for [North Carolina Press Association] members.”

    I ask you to consider me as your first choice for Court of Appeals (Wynn seat) on the ballot. My website is johnblossforjudge.com.

    Respectfully submitted,
    John Bloss

  15. Charlotte Races/ ZIP 28227 says:

    Hi, I live in Charlotte, NC, Very Conservative, VERY PRO-TEA PARTY.
    I went to the Mecklenburg Board of Elections website today to pull “My Sample Ballot” so that I could highlight my preferences for each seat.
    I have also looked in several places (including our fair page here, and WBT’s election pages) to see who is endorsing which candidate, and the candidates previous endorsement listings etc.

    Here’s My Sample Ballot for the 28227 zip code for Charlotte:

    US Senate: Richard Burr
    US House of Rep- District 9: Sue Myrick
    NC State Senate- District 35: Tommy Tucker
    NC House of Rep- District 103: Bill Brawley
    District Attorney- District 26: Andrew Murray
    Board of Commissioners At-Large: Jim Pendergraph, Dan Ramirez, Corey Thompson
    Board of Commissioners- District 6: Bill James (Uncontested)
    Clerk of Superior Court: Martha Curran (Uncontested)
    Sheriff: Christopher R. Hailey (Note: Ran against local Dem. Nick Mackey in a run-off election)

    Barbara Jackson (Pro- Persons with Disabilities and Education for Persons with Disabilities, Her race opponent, Bob Hunter, is endorsed by several liberal groups)
    Ann Marie Calabria
    Rick Elmore
    Dean R. Poirier
    Lisa Bell
    Jena P. Culler (Pro- Family Mediational services)
    Sean Smith
    Matt Osman

    Soil & Water Conservation: District Supervisor
    (you may vote for two, but these three are worth mentioning)
    Michael Entrekin (was Board Supervisor, VERY Republican, and VP of Marketing for a local Energy company
    Dempsey Miller- Conservative African American, Seeking Conservative Politics in Mecklenburg County
    David Michael Rice- Conservative African American, seeking Conservative Politics in Mecklenburg County

    Constitutional Amendment:
    “Constitutional Amendment providing that no person convicted of a felony may serve as Sheriff”.
    Vote: For the Amendment
    (Note: Do you really want a convicted felon as a Sheriff???)

    Court of Appeals: (Instant Runoff Contest)
    Jewel Ann Farlow
    Daniel E. Garner
    Doug McCullough

    Good Luck to the Candidates!!!! Go TEA Party!!!

    • Tea Party Supporter says:

      Go to your County Board of Elections Page…. Click on “My Sample Ballot” and check and see who you are voting for….

      Then when you have completed the research, post your choices here, using the list on your sample ballot for people to follow….
      In the name section of your post, put the city you’re in, and the ZIP code of your ballot, so that people can see whether it will work for them, or if they are close in order to follow your suggestions….

      Let’s seek a better change than what we got 4 years ago!

  16. Frank B says:

    Who can tell me anything about the difference between Ann Marie Calabria and Jane Gray for Court of Appeals Judge? Recent conservative adds seem to want us to vote for Calabria.

    • Charlotte Judge Races says:

      The Conservative Radio Host Tera Servatius (WBT)
      has endorsed Ann Marie Calabria.
      Tera has a very pro Conservative, Pro Tea Party stance, and has researched her candidates thoroughly.
      She also endorsed:
      Matt Osman
      Barbara Jackson
      Dean R. Poirier
      Lisa Bell
      Sean Smith

    • kristen p says:

      i was just researching jane and she has several PROGRESSIVE endorsements….
      here is the link….

      reading her bio, i was liking her until the endorsment list screamed “PROGRESSIVE” :)

      one more day!

    • Keith says:

      Ann Marie Calabria in my view is too sympathetic to the Hispanic community and I believe she supports the community in ways which would interfere with her duties as a judge. Even in her Bio she supports education and language lessons in the form of punishment for Hispanics who commit crimes. With exception to Jane Gray, Martha Geer, and number three Stan Hammer, I’m voting Conservative. Progressive supporters will vote and support Jane Gray only because she’s a Democrat. You’ll find with research that Conservative and Republican groups alike will also support Jane over Ann.

  17. Dena says:

    Sup. court Ass. Justice – Robert C. Hunter
    Court of Appeals Judges – Jane Gray, Steven Walker, Dean R. Poirier
    District 10 Judges – Brad Sahl, VA (Woofer) Davidson III, Michael J. Denning, Kris D. Bailey
    Soil & water conservation Dist. supv – David P. Adams

  18. Joanne says:

    Please check the Durham County GOP website for candidates who support TEA PARTY goals:
    – Limited Government
    – Lower Taxes
    – Eliminate Wasteful Spending
    – Free Markets
    – Individual Responsibility

    We have federal and state candidates plus judges for all the non-partisan judicial races, including the runoff. The Durham County GOP has vetted these candidates and I believe they are the best choices. See “I am a Republican Because…” for the values they represent. Links to many of the candidate websites are on the website.

    If you are registered to vote in Durham County, please come help with our campaign for all of the candidates in our county. Our headquarters is at 401c Foster St., Durham (directions and contacts are on BJ Lawson’s website), open daily. We need lots of volunteers to call phone banks, walk neighborhoods, serve as poll judges and observers, handout literature at the polls. We still need help for Early Voting, which starts Oct. 14th, as well as Nov 2nd. Thanks!

  19. Deb says:

    I live in Lewisville. I’m politically and socially conservative. I downloaded my specific ballot from the Forysyth County Board of Elections site at:


    Of the offices for which there are at least two candidates, I’m endorsing:
    Burr (US Senate)
    Foxx (US House of Rep District 5)
    Whiteheart (Board of Commissioners At-large)
    Conrad (Board of Commissioners District B)
    Polston (Clerk of Superior Court)
    Schatzman (Sheriff)
    Jackson (Supreme Court Assoc Justice)
    Calabria (Court of Appeals Judge)
    Elmore (Court of Appeals Judge)
    Poirier (Court of Appeals Judge)
    Clark, Lambeth, Metcalf (Board of Education At-Large)
    Collins, Goins, Parker, Tackabery (Board of Education District 2)
    Bost (Soil & Water Conservation & District Supervisor) — However, of Briggs or Monk, I don’t know which candidate to choose as the 2nd choice for that office. Can someone offer recommendation?

    For the 13-Candidate NC Court of Appeals Race (with Statewide Instate Runoff Voting), my selections are:
    1st Choice — Garner
    2nd Choice — Dillon
    3rd Choice — McCullough

    Hope this helps someone. Please advise on 2nd selection for Soil & Water Conservation & District Supervisor.

    • James says:

      I live in Henderson county and trying to find a list of the Tea Party candidates for the 2010 elections. I’m voting everyone out but I want to know who is the right choice.
      Does anyone know of such a list?


    • Deb –

      Thanks very much for your support. If folks have questions for Daniel Garner or are looking for more information about this goofy instant run-off election, please check us out at http://www.GarnerforJudge.com. Thanks! Nathan Garner, Campaign Manager

    • lee shoaf says:

      deb,,can you please send me the forsyth county tea party vote for list,,, thats all i’m interested in,,,,,thankyou…ps,,,its all that matters…

  20. Geoffrey says:

    Geoffrey M Hurlburt, North Carolina Senate, District 14, All of Eastern Wake County…Come out to Five County Stadium on October 16th, 2010…We can meet or call me 9198050487…I’ll tell you how my plan for NC is in allegiance with “Taxed Enough Already”..

    ..furthermore..I have pledged American’s For Prosperity- North Carolina 2010 Pledge here http://www.americansforprosperity.org/detail_cadidate?leg=ncsenate&fname=Geoffrey&lname=Hurlburt ).

    All Candidates who pledged is here

    Know this and know this well….certain outside Candidates of the Republican Party this Election year have been sloughed off….those Candidates specifically need the “Tea Force”.
    I believe only these outside Candidates will truly be the “Movers and Shakers” on Jones Street.
    And when they are blocked for moving towards positive changes “Names will be named” and Tea will answer back in force in 2012.

  21. Nathan Jones District 32, Robert Wisecarver – County Commissioner Davie County and Andy Stokes, Sheriff Davie Country. Rick Smith NC Congress District 50

  22. Michael says:

    I’m having trouble finding out much of anything about the WS/FC Board of Education at-large candidates. I have eliminated one of the six, though- Nancy Sherrill. She is a challenger representing a group called CHANGE or Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment. Just Google them if counting the “keywords” in their name isn’t enough. They want to, among other things, eliminate out-of-school suspension. This misguided policy would use our public schools as day care for the worst miscreants, kids who could even pose dangers to students who are there because they want to learn. They want change alright- the same kind of social-engineering change that is holding back American education.

    I would love to see more information- real information- on the other candidates, not just the generic platitudes that they post on their web sites.

    • Jean Smith says:

      Michael, I found good info on Robert Barr (he’s a minister/counselor with Agape Faith Church), Lori Goins Clark (on facebook) and Jeannie Metcalf (on facebook).

  23. Louis Pate For NC Senate District 5 (Wayne/Greene/Pitt Counties)

    Strong Conservative
    20 Year US Air Force Veteran
    Church Leader
    Small Business Owner
    Family Man

  24. Bud Royster says:

    Burr deserves support

    Bud Royster

    Published: Monday, August 23, 2010 at 5:16 p.m.
    Last Modified: Monday, August 23, 2010 at 5:16 p.m.
    Editor: My family is actively supporting Richard Burr for his re-election to the U.S. Senate. We support Richard Burr because he gets it. Richard Burr is working to get our country back on the right track by working to grow jobs without growing national debt, fixing the nightmare health care law and not increasing taxes in such hard economic times.

    Over the years, Richard has brought commonsense North Carolina values and leadership to Washington. This election is about checks and balances, and we cannot send another Senate vote to Washington for failed stimulus packages, more failed job programs, huge bailouts and higher taxes that Obama and his allies want our children and grandchildren to pay for. North Carolina will not be fooled again.

    Many in Congress did not listen to the American people, but Richard Burr listened. Look for yourself by visiting burrforsenate.com to see where Richard Burr stands on issues and what Richard has done for North Carolina, then sign up to join my family in support of Senator Burr’s grassroots efforts.

    • James says:

      I feel that even if someone is not directly responsible for the decline of our country, being in the congress and senate observing corruption and not acting against it makes him or her guilty of allowing it to continue.


    • Tammy says:

      I agree with you Mr. Royster, Mr. Burr is a fine man, he used to do business with my father years ago. I don’t agree with James’ reply here though, there is nothing that Richard Burr could have done about the corruption or decline being only 1 person in the Senate. It takes a group together to make changes, and that is where we come in, voting for the right people to put together for him to work with.

      Just voting them all out, well that’s not the answer, you have to look at those that have done the right thing by the American people and throw out the ones that have not. Ever heard the saying, “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water’ ? That’s what you will be doing if you don’t vote carefully.

  25. David Regnery says:

    Sheriff Andy Stokes of Davie County, one of the good ones!

  26. G Collins says:

    I endorse Judge Kevin Eddinger in Salisbury, N.C. I saw him speak at a Tea Party Forum for judicial candidates and he was outstanding – very frank and to the point. He opposed legalizing marijuana while his opponent seemed unsure about it.

  27. Rebekah says:

    Daniel Garner for Court of Appeals- (Wynn Seat)

    Everyone in NC can vote for him! Make him your first choice.

    Daniel Garner is one of the 13 candidates for this seat. You won’t find a more principled patriot.

    Check out his website to decide for yourself at

  28. Kevin says:

    Daniel Garner (seat vacated by Wynn) – Court of Appeals

  29. Ritchie B says:

    Renee Elmers for US House
    Brian Boch for Chatham County Comm.
    Richard Burr for US Senate

  30. Renee Ellmers, North Carolina Senate, District 2.

  31. Renee Ellmers,North Carolina Senate, District 2.

  32. WendyW says:

    Nathan Jones for NC District 32!

    Lori Clark for Forsyth County School Board at Large!

  33. Jason says:

    Nathan Jones, North Carolina Senate, District 32.